Through the Cracks Ch1 bit – Bad plans

“With you in my power, Battousai will be enraged,” a madman’s voice echoed in Kaoru’s mind. “Rage will turn him back into the hitokiri he used to be. The demon of Kyoto, the killer whose name froze the blood of men… uhu-hu-hu. It will be the best killing.”

No. Not Kenshin. He’s not like you. He’s not a killer!

Unbidden, amber eyes glowed in her memory.

:Gwena, tell your Chosen Himura had to pick the best of bad options,: Megumi said tiredly. :Jin-e would have sensed any Guard within half a mile. And any Herald who could Mindspeak at all would have wound up just like we did, unless they could summon enough mental force to break the compulsion.: She nosed Kaoru’s shoulder. :Good work.:

Kaoru blushed. :I had to, Megumi. He wanted peace so much-:

:And you love seeing him move.: Megumi sent her a private, giggly image of a Companion with kitsune-ears, snatched right out of a recent Yamato children’s book. :Can’t blame you; I want to know how he Fetches like that, too.:

:It’s probably because youkai were mage-crafted,: Kaoru shrugged. :Like gryphons.:

:Gryphons don’t breed with humans, Chosen,: Megumi pointed out yet again, worrying at one fact that had bothered her ever since they’d found out hanyou weren’t stories at all.

:‘Tousan said they were “born of magic”. What else could they be?:

:Nothing else I know of,: Megumi acknowledged. :And I suppose if the Star-Eyed can make it so every Hawkbrother is born with at least a little Mage-Gift, making their “children” compatible with humans wouldn’t have been an insurmountable problem for Yamato gods….:

Kaoru shrugged. Let Megumi worry about the Healer-type details. They had more immediate problems. :If Kenshin used his Gifts to kill…: She swallowed, mouth gone dry. :The Circle would lock them down. Permanently. It would kill him!:

Comfort reached back to her. :Just hold on, Chosen. And don’t tell any Herald-Mages anything you don’t have to. Sanosuke says he has an idea.:

Don’t tell the Herald-Mages? Sanosuke had an idea? Kaoru fought the urge to beat her head against a handy tree trunk. We’re doomed.


48 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch1 bit – Bad plans

  1. On the one hand, have to agree with Kaoru. Regardless of what form he posseses, the words Sanosuke and plan should fill one with dread.

    OTOH, while his plans tend to be messy, loud, and not very much fun, they often work.

    So I think Sano’s plan, whatever it is, will achieve the desired goal. It might leave some people wanting to tear their hair out (Kenshin probably being one of them) for one reason or another but it will achieve it’s desired goal.

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      1. …no, bunnies. There’s no way Saitou would be part of Kenshin’s Household.

        Now when has just saying no ever worked for the bunnies?

        Because sometimes even well-reasoned arguments is not enough to get something out of their fuzzy (terrifying) little minds.

        But yeah, can’t see where Saitou would have enough loyalty to Kenshin personally. But as Yamraiha demostrates, not having a Household Vessel doesn’t make you any less involved.

        And I know Al-Thamen would qualify for Kill Evil Immediately.

        *Snrk* no way; he doesn’t exactly inspire people to follow him. A general, maybe….

        I can see that.

        But yeah, the inspire people to follow them person in that group is Kenshin Himura.

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  2. Side Though:

    Part of me wants to say two words to any Herald-Mage getting on their high horse about using Gifts to kill: Lavan Firestorm.

    (Thank goodness for Valdemar wiki. It’s isn’t extensive but it’s something.)

    Yes, I know, entirely different circumstances. Still . . .

    And there is the added messiness of that, unless things are really different in this AU, Kenshin was still a child when someone asked him to be an assassin.

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      1. There’s a reason Elspeth thinks she has point on this, while Kerowyn actually does.

        That reason being that Kerowyn knows more about what can lead someone to make what are at best morally grey decisions than Elspeth does?

        Through methinks that getting Elspeth to cease poking her nose into this is going to be messy.

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      2. >>It’s not so much what Kenshin does as how Kenshin does it.

        Hm. That feels a little off to me, because just about everything I can remember is more along the lines of the issue being what you do, not how you are doing it. (Killing someone with a Gift being no worse than doing so with a weapon. And most Valdemarans have few problems with killing someone who needs it.)

        Now, I could easily see it pushing one (or more) of Elspeth’s trauma-caused buttons, but there’s a difference between PTSD* and ethical issues, even if one can be disguised as the other.

        *Maybe overstating it, given the presence of mind-healers, but she has been through a LOT of trauma.

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    1. Doesn’t stop the horsies from being judgemental one bit. I’ve read all the Valdemar books. There are tons more examples, like Vanyel taking out Leareth and his whole army in a final strike… And Elspeth has always been a bit of a prig (IMHO). Brave and nice and very competent, but also pretty righteous.

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      1. Zeal of the convert. Remember, when she is introduced as a character, she’d been systemically and deliberately spoiled by the manipulations of a hostile power.

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      2. Of course it doesn’t. People are still people. Which means at least one person is going be a jerk or judgemental or engaging in a fine round of pot-kettle-black. That’s not just a bad thing. You need conflict. And well-written characters are supposed to have flaws.

        Besides everyone has biases and can be judgmental at times.

        And Elspeth has always been a bit of a prig (IMHO). Brave and nice and very competent, but also pretty righteous.

        The Brat is still the Brat?

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  3. Arg…. Bunny for adoption: Sanosuke, Sinbad, and SG-1’s Jack all walk into the same bar — and they all have //plans//.

    …yeah, my bunnies are snickering at the raw chaos. Not being too clear on what kind of chaos, outside of “Barfight!”. *groans*

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      1. And Sinbad’s mere presence would insure those who did get KO’d were Al-Thamen and/or NID related. Which in turn would let Sanosuke rescue the girl (because of course), Jack recover the stolen data and/or provide cover for some Black Ops, and Sinbad — bunnies are correcting me on this. Sinbad was NOT there with a plan, actually. Jafar tossed him that direction to keep him out of trouble for five minutes.

        In Jafar’s defense, Sinbad lasted ten whole minutes. And the barfight really wasn’t his fault. Really!

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    1. I tend to think Magi works as backstory to DxD. Handwaving that Magi’s ending somehow results in the Djinn Warriors producing the first pillars. Kenshin is an obvious fit for Gremory.

      The Magi cast and the Kenshin-gumi are in the current time because some schmuck unsealed the sealed good in a can with a ‘Evil’ label.

      Jack went through a Furling star-gate.

      Makato Shishio may have had Zepar before Sinbad did. I’d vote he was somehow resurrected with a King piece.


  4. >> …no, bunnies. There’s no way Saitou would be part of Kenshin’s Household.

    Agreed. Saitoh’s membership in the Shinsengumi implies he’s more likely a King Candidate himself. I don’t think he and Kenshin are the only ones running around either. Aoshi seems like one with the Oniwabanshuu as his Household (hello stint in Depravity after their deaths…), and I don’t think I even have to say it in Shishio’s case.

    Sano’s a fun one to play with as a Household member for Kenshin because Kenshin’s probably the second King Candidate he’s followed. Can you say ‘Captain Sagara backstory + Al-Thamen = Fight Merchant Zanza as Sano dances on the edge of falling into Depravity’?

    Honestly this just reminds me of another plunny I’ve had gnawing away at my soul where either Hakuryuu has another brother or Hakuryuu is outright replaced with (a name-changed to fit his new culture) Adrien Agreste. Plagg as a Djinn? Miraculous as a Metal Vessal? Chat Noir as a Djinn Equip – I know some of us have seen that fan art doing the rounds on tumblr – and replacing the distant but affectionate Gabriel(/possibly Hawkmoth) with the older Ren’s and Al-Thamen’s background manipulations? I mean, we already discussed how the Ren’s are all cats – ‘bought time they had a /complete/ dork-kitty cinnamon roll to round out the family tree.

    Because I know cats – my roommates have a few, my previous roommates had some, and cat-sitter is a frequent request from friends – and some of those adorable fuzz balls are just plain dorks and that is the one cat personality type I don’t see among the Rens.

    No idea how to properly work in Mari tho.

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    1. Adrien’s father strikes me more as having married Hakuryuu’s aunt.

      Mari is of mixed ancestry, Kou national, and one of the nations they are assimilating.

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  5. So, um… Is it just me, or is it really looking like Kenshin’s about to find himself being Chosen? Because ‘He can’t be all that BAD if a Companion’s Chosen him!” sounds like a potentially-viable plan for Sano-as-Companion. And of course that means that it’s got to be SANO Choosing Kenshin, or am I wrong about that?

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  6. I’m finding this much more interesting than the Lackey books, just FYI.

    I keep looking at the set up for problems and wondering if lots might have been avoided if Sano had just let Kenshin alone for however long it took to ‘return the energies’ to the earth, as he was grumbling in the ‘wounded’ entry. Why didn’t Sano? Does it have to do with what is known about this Final Strike thing? I’ve looked it up, but haven’t read the books were it is used, so I’m undoubtedly missing impact.

    Hope whatever has been making your life difficult gets better soon!

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    1. *G* Companions aren’t all-knowing; Sano doesn’t know enough about magic or hitokiri yet to realize he interrupted anything. He does know the basics about a Final Strike – which is a mage using all their remaining life energies and whatever else they can scrape together to deliver one last massive magical blow. By what he knows about that, Sano actually did the right thing – get the victim to a Healer as fast as possible, blood-magic is nasty.

      As for the RL mess… I’m working on it. It’s going to take some months to straighten out, dagnabbit.

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      1. Re: Sano

        As you said, Sano can only go by the information he has.

        It’s not Sano’s fault that he doesn’t know that information. It’s not like he had many chances to learn and most of the people who do know anything about it haven’t shared said information.

        Plus there is the possibility that Jin-E pulled something that not even Kenshin with his knowledge could have taken care of on his own (as you said blood magic can be very nasty). In which having a Healer see him is a good idea.

        Plus Kenshin is probably a little too used to being the Lone Ranger. Granted, being a hitokiri isn’t usually a big team thing but still . . . you can tell that he is used to being entirely on his own. No one to watch his back, no one to heal him if he gets hurt. He is on his own.

        Kaoru: “No he isn’t! He has me, the stubborn idiot!”
        Her sentiment was echoed by several others in the forming Kenshin-gumi. Kenshin isn’t sure if he should be touched or run away.

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