Halloween Prep – So I washed my snakes…

If any reader hasn’t figured it out by now, I have a thing for crossovers. So, as I was washing my snakes (hey, I’m putting them in my hair, they get washed first), my bunnies were poking Medusa as one of the Ultimate Death Glares, and chewing over how many characters I’m fond of who employ them.

Because seriously. Death glares are a common anime Trope, in everything from Parasyte to Gundam Wing to even the sometimes-fluffiness that is Sailor Moon. It’d probably be a shorter list to name animes that don’t have a Death Glare in them.

…I’m trying to think of one, give me time….

Well, as I was leaving the snakes to soak in water for their first rinse, I went through a pile of papers to see what I could sort out/ get rid of / move up into active pile of currently-working-on. And… I found an old image-bunny. Which is my shorthand for “this idea would make a really awesome fanart, but I suck at drawing, so I’ll write it down and maybe it’ll be a fanfic later”.

In short, the owner of one of the most dangerous of all Death Glares as a medusa. A male medusa.

Picture Genjyo Sanzo with a golden armlet of Meretseger and golden Egyptian cobras in his hair.

…There is a Buddhist hell, and I’m probably gonna visit it.

Now, where are my colored pencils so I can scribble a sutra for the costume….



21 thoughts on “Halloween Prep – So I washed my snakes…

  1. I am relatively sure Ami has a sense of humor. If you do happen to visit Budist hell for this reason, I am relatively sure he’d be willing to get you out of there. Maybe after ten thousand prayers, yeah, but still. Should be a short trip. *grin*

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      1. …I also think it’s hysterical, but I’m pretty sure that not only am I going to the Special Hell when I die, but that there’s a hot seat waiting just for me…

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  2. One could argue, given what you have already done to Sanzo on paper, that you were already going there.

    Maybe the idea that fear of the Literal Death Glare will keep the idiots in line even better than Paper Fan of Doom and the Gun will mollify him?

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      1. Do you think any of his enemies have noticed that he has ever higher kill count than normal if the assassins try to ambush him before coffee? Or during coffee? Or worse, ruin his coffee?

        I’m pretty the idiots know never to be out of coffee.

        And if by some cruel twist of fate that they ever are out of coffee to be on their very best behavior until coffee has been acquired, brewed, and Sanzo has drunk at least one cup of it?

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      2. Huh. Exact numbers and proportions of Death to Coffee may have gotten lost in the shuffle. It is the kind of thing Yaone might notice, though….

        And I could see Goku offering coffee to the cranky god of irritated bureaucrats… er, Sanzo. (Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Konzen Douji was the god of irritated bureaucrats….)

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  3. The cute monster girl version of Xing Tian might be pretty awkward. Even if the Dullahan from Durarara could be pretty similar. The nonsense from last night’s insomnia was ‘a Japanese harem light novel where every girl is or becomes a Xingtian’.


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