16 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch 11 up on AO3

      1. Have read now.

        I have had a rough day. This was, in general and specific, what the doctor ordered. Seeing a man who has trouble with his fears, particularly with people, mustering the courage he did under those circumstances was inspiring and healing.

        Thank you again.


      2. I have a lot of respect for Sabhmad trying. “Social anxiety” is a very benign phrase to use when what a person actually feels is stark terror at the thought of dealing with people.

        …Which is one reason Judar finds Sabhmad interesting enough to not kill him. He’s obviously terrified, yet not backing down. Judar doesn’t see that much.


  1. >So. Instead of just running over the youngster’s objections like he wanted, Sinbad tried to take a leaf out of Rurumu’s old book. And think about what the problem looked like through Alibaba’s eyes, rather than pure kingly necessity.>
    And somewhere deep in the Rukh came a cry of: “Finally, he gets it.”


    1. >We can hope!>
      Though I suspect that if Sinbad pokes into the Rukh at any point, Rurumu has a good number of head thumps waiting to be delivered.

      She has years of needless shenanigans to bring him to task for.


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