Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Introductions

“According to Tostig, the first time he ran into you was when you were… ahem… dumping off about twenty thugs at his guard station with Kaoru’s help.” Kerowyn gave Kaoru a measured glance. “I like to hear about it when someone tries to kill a Herald, Kamiya. But as I said, given the circumstances, I know why you didn’t mention it.” And why we’re meeting in here, instead of your dojo. Didn’t want me catching the repairs to your floor, hmm?

:I almost feel sorry for the poor bastards,: Sayvel snickered. :Use that reputation to terrify the local Yamato, then have the real one show up….:

:Served them right.: Though she was careful to keep that thought off her face. If Kenshin was who the evidence said he was, she did not want the man to feel cornered. “The second time,” Kerowyn went on, “was the aftermath of your little visit to the local yakuza.” She narrowed her eyes at Kenshin. “Did you really visit five different houses before you found Kaoru and the boy at Tanishi’s? How in the hells did you get out in one piece?”

“This one’s not a Mindspeaker, to find others by the touch of thoughts alone,” Kenshin shrugged. “And a certain politeness can go a long way.”

Politeness backed up with a trail of unconscious bodies. Tostig reported the local Yamato thugs had been very subdued for the next few days. “And third,” Kerowyn said dryly, “was after you had your… duel… with Companion Sanosuke.”

:That was my fault.: Sanosuke’s mind-voice sounded sheepish as any young Herald-trainee caught doing something painfully stupid in the salle. :One of Tostig’s men – told me a rumor about Kenshin. So I challenged him.: The white head ducked, the scar on his back rippling as he twitched uncomfortably. :I was wrong.:

“You were in pain, and grieving a loss,” Kenshin said gently. “Had I fallen into hands as unfriendly as you found Yamato to be, and been treated the same, I too would have wished to wash away the memory.”

:He says, after kicking my tail over half the riverbank,: Sanosuke shot back.


11 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Introductions

  1. …Sanosuke needs a hug. Because I get the feeling he had a Herald, and lost them. Which would mean deep emotional scars in canon are now //even deeper//. Which — just — ow.

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  2. To be fair, Sanosuke, you probably needed that kick to get your head out of your behind like you did in canon.

    And yes, it so served those thugs right for one of them to claim to be the Hitokiri Battousai, only for the real one to show up. Now granted, some of them probably did think that Hiruma Gohei was who he said he was. Some of them probably knew better. Gohei himself probably though the real assassin was dead because otherwise he would expected him to show up sooner or later. Because he was bound to get curious about someone using his name. Not that any of them would recognize the real one when he showed up because short, skinny red-head was not the image they have built up in their heads.

    (Side note, I saw a clip of Kenshin kicking the behinds of said thugs in the live action film and I can’t help but love the little bow he gives as he enters the dojo proper. That little moment just screams “You are so not worth the time it is taking to kick your butts.”)

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      1. Fun factoid about the live action Ruroni Kenshin! The actor who played Kenshin first played Ryotarou (spelling??) also known as Kamen Roder Den-O, who was also a pacifist and who has //horrible luck//. Seriously, he’s a walking Murphy’s Law. Very entertaining show!

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