Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Honesty

Kerowyn waited a second. Gave him an infinitesimal nod. “You’ve broken no laws in Valdemar, or Sanosuke would have stomped you flat. So I’ll tell you right up front: the worst that can happen to you – the very worst I, personally, will let anyone do to you – is that you’ll be escorted to the border of your choice, and asked not to come back.” She let another breath pass. “Who are you?”

“Sessha is Himura Kenshin. A rurouni, that I am.” Violet eyes were low, avoiding hers. “But ten years ago, in Kyoto, sessha was known as… Hitokiri Battousai.”

Kaoru was pale as Megumi’s coat. Sanosuke gave the ex-mercenary a look of grim wariness. And Kerowyn….

Kerowyn was doing her level best not to let loose a Shin’a’in battle-cry in pure glee. A hitokiri. My gods, we’ve got a live one!

A live source of tactical and strategic information she couldn’t find anywhere else. Who apparently had the humanity and honor, despite his bloody profession, to save a Herald’s life.

Who’d just admitted what he was. Without coercion.

Sheka. He thinks he can get past me if he has to. Kerowyn reviewed the trail of his fight with Jin-e in her mind. He just might be right.

“Kenshin,” Kaoru said in an urgent undertone.

“The Herald-Captain is an intelligent and persistent woman,” Kenshin said levelly. “And it is not as if sessha’s description is unknown.”

:Oh, come on,: Sanosuke objected. :You can’t be the only redheaded swordsman in all of Yamato…: White ears swung forward as Kenshin gave him a wry look. :You’re kidding!:

“Until sessha reached a fairly large settlement in Rethwellan, sessha had never seen ningen with red hair,” Kenshin said bluntly. “Ever.”

Ningen. People, Kerowyn thought, hiding a frown. Why did he say that?

:Because he hadn’t seen other redheaded people?: Sayvel put in privately. :I don’t think he’s lying.:

:No,: Kero agreed. :He’s not lying. But something about that seems off.:


21 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Honesty

  1. Well, technically speaking, Kerowwyn, he’s not human. So of course he’d use the term ‘ningen’. And if Yamato is like Japan, the vast majority of the population is black-haired, with different colored hair indicating non-human ancestry.

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  2. Come to think of it you had said that a version of Inuyasha (without the time-travel aspect) was part of this continuity.

    Would that mean that there are Youkai capable of shifting between humanoid and monstrous animal forms? Also wasn’t there one night per month that Hanyou lose their power and become human? Can’t remember the details since it’s been ages since I looked at that series.

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    1. Yes, yes, and yes. Although that last depended on how powerful the hanyou was; a rather weak hanyou Kagome met at one point was only human a few days out of the year.

      …There’s actually a really good – and to me, amusing – reason why Saitou and Kenshin never succeeded in killing each other in this AU….

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    2. >Yes, yes, and yes. Although that last depended on how powerful the hanyou was; a rather weak hanyou Kagome met at one point was only human a few days out of the year. >
      Wait, so the more powerful blood a Hanyou has, the more days he’s human? I would have thought it would be the other way around.

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      1. I always interpreted it as ‘the more powerful the demonic heritage, the more common the weakness, or the more supernatural events the Hanyou’s Yokai heritage resonates with’. So Inuyasha is fairly powerful and has to deal with it every New Moon, while the weaker one only resonates with a few very specific days a year.


  3. Sorry, Kerowyn but Kenshin is a combination of a layered marble cake and one of those Russian nesting dolls of mysteries, contradictions, and secrets . . . it would take anyone a while to sort through it.

    Ki sense means he knows that her reaction was “Squee!” and it probably surprised him a little because that’s not the usual reaction he gets.Most people’s reaction to finding out who Kenshin was / is is to go either “Oh gods, run away!” or “Finally, a real fight! *wild grin*”

    Also I think someone convinently forget to tell the Valdemarians that ningen means human, not people. Or someone did them that and they forget that people doesn’t always mean human – which all their Companions should give them a light whack for it.

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      1. Let’s be fair – if the Companions hadn’t somehow /also/ forgot then Kero’s would probably be reminding her now.


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