NaNo Update – Fiery Death

To quote one of the people I trade emails with, “Who needs horror when you have history?”

To back up just a little… I try to follow that old writer’s advice, if you can’t write what you know, then know what you write. As in, if you can’t actually get out there and do it (and honestly, how many of us are going to be summoning/banishing demons? …Maybe I shouldn’t ask…), then research the hell out of it.

…Hell, in this case, being quite appropriate. Let’s just say I was poking how people of a particular religious background would have handled something like, say, a nest of vampires, and….

Er. Well.

Just… go look up Greek Fire and similar things if you really want an idea. Really.

What’s really scary sometimes is what human beings are willing to do to each other when there’s no monsters involved. Yikes.

Anyway. If I survive this NaNo, I think this is going to be a hair-raising book. Meep.



6 thoughts on “NaNo Update – Fiery Death

  1. What’s really scary sometimes is what human beings are willing to do to each other when there’s no monsters involved. Yikes.

    *wince* Yeah.

    Piece of advice, skip lunch before doing that kind of research.

    One of the authors* I read made it a policy not to give bad people ideas. They are creative enough on their own. Every thing her bad guys do, unless it is impossible to achieve without the worlds magic, is something someone else has already done. Which she said should scare you more than vampires and lycanthropes. The fact that those awful things were done by real human beings to other real human beings.

    (*This particular author and her series are not to everyone’s taste – too much hanky-panky – but I mostly like and find interesting the world and most of the characters so I keep reading them . . .)

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    1. Oddly enough, lunch is not a problem. Sleeping, now….

      And I can certainly understand not wanting to give certain people ideas. That’s part of the reason I do my research as well; if it comes out of history, anyone who didn’t already know about that bit of human ugliness is at least forewarned.

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  2. While sadly my attempt at Nano is currently facing the flu(the flu has won for the past few days), this sound cool.

    Also, yes, looking at history and what people did to one another tends to either leave you wondering how the hell humanity survived, or more amazed that we stopped. (I read a fair bit about the pre Confucius era in China. Brrr.)

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    1. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon.

      I’ve been duking it out with wordcount every day; so far I’ve stayed a little ahead. Hoping to build up extra in case the flu hits here, as well.

      As for history – well, we know people are stubborn and creative, at least! 🙂

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  3. People are scary. We are the worst demons to ever roam the earth, nasty brutal and cruel. And we are also the most angelic beings this side of heaven. And we do both at the same time, sometimes even the same person. As a quote goes, “some devilishly evil, some saintly good. Sometimes both. And some it’s hard to put a label on.”

    So, yes. There is plenty in our history that no one needs help coming up with ideas. There’s plenty of institutionalized horror on massive scales in human history. And, I may not want to sleep a few hours after I read the sequel, but I so enjoy the research and bibliography you provide. I always enjoy finding new things to read and learn, and I actually surprise myself with how much I enjoy the books you recommend. I shocked my entire family when I mentioned that I was reading a nonfiction book out of one of your bibliographies. Twice.

    Thanks, family, I love you guys too.

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