NaNo Update – Broke 11 K


Yeah. Well. I’ve now gotten an FBI agent mixed up in possible fraud and conspiracy, so things ought to get even more tricky for our heroes. He’s a very annoyed agent, too….

BTW, if anyone wants something really amazingly odd to help the bunnies, you might check this incredible vid out.

The Best Flandre’s Theme You’ve Ever Seen

…I tend to lose it when he starts playing the violin, because seriously, how….

One of the things that impresses the bunnies the most, and why I’m going to point to this for NaNo, is look at how much thought must have gone into that. It’s not just the technical skill you need to play all those instruments. It’s how much prep time and planning must have gone into setting up everything so it was in reach and playable.

If we were in a metaphorical frame of mind, we might think of the instruments as the individual characters, and the setup as the plot. Get it right, and it not only makes your readers’ jaws drop, itΒ all comes together to a crashing finale!


17 thoughts on “NaNo Update – Broke 11 K

  1. You are amazing. 11k in six days, wow. And obviously this is a useful manuscript! For me, this is the literary equivalent of the “Help, Is Dead” project from Around. Watching other people do it is, like watching someone do the Barkley Marathon. Painful and awe-inspiring.

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    1. I had to look that up; interesting! Especially since I’ve read “Born to Run”, which first introduced me to the concept of ultramarathons. Neat. πŸ™‚

      Well, hopefully it will be a useful rough, yes. Of course, even the best rough requires going thud for about a month after it, and (in my experience so far) about a year of revise, revise, revise with a chainsaw….

      Honestly, one of the things that helped me get better at NaNos was writing Embers. That was reliably getting out a chapter every 2-3 weeks, and let me tell you, you want to talk ultramarathon…. πŸ™‚


  2. An FBI agent… an a world where one of the headlines was that NSA servers had gotten melted due to voodoo effigies… I could see why he/she’d be annoyed at getting involved with the supernatural…

    I have to admit I’m curious as to how investigations go if they have to include in the investigation things that happened in different dimensions/planes of existence…

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    1. Oof! Its a nightmare to do cross state or cross continental investigations. Language and culture and different laws all getting tangled up. I can only imagine the Gordian Knot that gets generated by adding in different //species// or even different laws of physics into the equation!

      “But I thought he’d bounce, officer!”
      “…gravity is a constant on this plain.”
      *tearful terrified meep*

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    2. Different dimensions/planes *might* actually be simpler, if there’s any sort of a “doorway” involved.

      Say you’re five miles inside of (state) border.
      You walk through the doorway.
      As long as you don’t go five miles, you’re still inside of the border.
      If it goes *down*, then…muwhahaha… you’re gold, property goes to the center of the earth.

      Yes, we know how dimensional gateways work, and it’s not like normal gateways– just because you’re inside of five miles of a door that goes to X place doesn’t mean anything, there might be other “doors” that go wildly different places.
      The law doesn’t have any measure for that.

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  3. I’ve now gotten an FBI agent mixed up in possible fraud and conspiracy, so things ought to get even more tricky for our heroes. He’s a very annoyed agent, too….

    Well, if he is an honest FBI agent, fraud and conspiracy would annoy him on general principal. Involving him in it, on purpose or otherwise, will add a whole layer of ticked off to that cake.

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      1. That is the million dollar question. πŸ˜‰

        Through a dishonest one also won’t like it because it draws attention to him. And attention is not good for getting away with things you ought not to be doing.

        Assuming he’s doing anything of the sort. Which he might not be. *shrugs*

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      2. Ah, but it’s the honest ones you’ve got to watch out for. You can never tell when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.

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  4. Part of me bitches ‘should have rehearsed more’*, and part is impressed that he has put so much effort getting it to this point.

    He was fingering with his right, and bowing with his mouth. He would’ve needed to relearn his physical skills for that one gimmick. That’s not an angle you finger at if you play normally. There may have been fingering errors, but I didn’t catch them listening once.

    The bow probably has elastic at the tip hooked onto something. Then if the violin is fixed to the piano, there’d a just manageable amount of degrees of freedom. I wouldn’t want to treat a good bow, or any bow, that way, and I doubt one can use such setup without the bowing sounding that way.

    I’ve never seen anybody do that with a violin before. (Or maybe it is a viola, I never got good enough at saying to know under these circumstances.)

    *Let’s be clear. I was never diligent about rehearsing. I was, in fact, really, really, lazy.

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  5. Yeah. Gotta say even though there were a few hiccups just the monumental size of the task and that he pulled it off pretty decently was very good. If that was privately done the cost of the instruments…eep. and the coordination involved! Wow.

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