Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Speculations

She’s gone. Kaoru let out an explosive sigh, listening to Sano’s hoof-falls as they left the engawa for the courtyard. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Hai. Kaoru-dono, please-“

“You’ve been in a fight. I felt you tear through the ropes on me. I’m hoping Kerowyn thinks you just used a knife. Let me see.”

Kenshin’s fingers clenched. Reluctantly uncurled in her grip.

Even after almost two weeks, Kaoru’s breath still caught in her throat. ‘Tousan told me, but I couldn’t really believe….

Instead of nails, pale claws graced the swordsman’s fingers; translucent as a white cat’s, with a hint of the silvery sheen of a Companion’s hooves.

Probably for some of the same reasons, Kaoru thought. Hanyou live in energy. But it doesn’t bleach them. Which doesn’t make sense – hold on. Firebirds live in energy too, don’t they? They’d have to, to spread fires the way they can. And they don’t bleach. Not unless they’re like Adept Firesong’s bondbird, who lives in node-magic with the rest of the Tayledras. Maybe it’s more like what Healers use? But then again – Sun-Priest Karal’s Altra is something like a Companion, and he’s got red markings. She stroked her fingers along the graceful curves, remembering their warm smoothness against her cheek. So gentle in that touch, when they could be so terrible in anger. Alone, those claws could shred flesh and blood like knives. With Kenshin’s will and Gift to back them, one slash could take down small trees.

At least we don’t have to spend a lot of time chopping firewood around here lately….


22 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Speculations

  1. Oh Kaoru, never change.

    Love her combination of “Huh? How does that work?” and “Ooh, that will make doing this particular chore much easier . . .”

    And yeah, can’t blame her dad for not being able to truly explain some things about youkai. Some things are just hard to fully comprehend until you actually met said thing or experience it. And it’s one thing to intellectually understand that someone has claws. It is quite another to actually see and touch them.

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      1. To be fair to her father, he probably wasn’t expecting short, red-head who says “Oro?” and is the master of pretending to be a ditz who is secretly death on two feet when so inclined to show up . . . . 😉

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  2. I don’t know, for some reason, I can just picture Kenshin’s expression during this scene. First expecting rejection, then to actually have her just hold and stroke his claws carefully while looking fond and thinking.

    Maybe it’s a good thing for her she’s not looking up!

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      1. Hak and Yona are up there too, but the understanble slow burn tends to give me fits of pure fan girl squee. The dragons don’t help either.

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    1. And he might not even be a first generation Hanyou. Don’t recall evidence one way or another in Inuyasha but for all we know Hanyou can have children with humans or Youkai.


      1. Don’t think they said, but I always got the impression that Hanyou could interbreed with both humans and Youkai.


      2. >Why not?>
        Up to you as the author. Like I said, I don’t remember any indication whether or not hanyou can have children in the canon. So they could be anything from infertile mules to the equivalent of D&D half-elves and can have children with either side of their heritage.


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