NaNo Update – Broke 14 K

And we have a guy protesting the image on video isn’t him. That’s going to be interesting….

Seriously, once you get magic involved, forensics gets interesting. Bad enough that people nowadays will empty a whole ashtray of cigarette butts at a crime scene to introduce people who have to be ruled out; just think of what could happen if you have, say, flawless illusions….

Or shapeshifters. Hee.


9 thoughts on “NaNo Update – Broke 14 K

  1. Magic always adds a new wrinkle, giving you both new tools to solve the mystery and new complications making said task difficult. Sometimes said story potential in that is underutilized.

    That headache is probably doubled if one is dealing with police who aren’t used to dealing with magic and supernatural critters and are still playing catch-up on the more the bare basics of either . . .

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    1. Going to try to make sure it’s used in this one. One of the things Myrrh is going to have to explain is that she sees things differently from most people – and since what she sees tends to be what’s really there, there are various illusions she has a hard time warning people about, because she doesn’t see them.

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      1. Now I’m just reminded of Mort from Discworld. When he started to become more real then the world around him and so stopped being affected by things he didn’t notice.

        Like the alcohol content of drinks he’s never had before. Or having a wooden club swung at his head from behind.

        Or doors.

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    1. Yeah, real fun possibilities.

      Your experts are probably experts because they use the stuff. If recent broken masquerade, most magical users might have been on the side of the masquerade, which might say things about their character.

      Suppose magic were inherently harmful. How would the court know?

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