Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Conspiracy

“They were just scared. They know living near the Pelagirs is risky. And everyone’s heard stories about what happened to people who got caught in the Change-Circles. Especially east of Hardorn. How they – sometimes still looked human. But weren’t. Not where it mattered.” Kaoru swallowed dryly. “A lot of those stories are true.”

“Sessha – knows. But it hurt, being feared. And to realize we will likely always be feared, here where we had sought safe refuge. Sessha can see why Yamagata-san settled Maboroshi as fast as could be done. At least there, where we may choose which gaijin come and go, those of us who are hanyou who wish to live openly may. But sessha fears for the children. Those who do not yet know they are hanyou. How will we explain? How will we raise them to be proud of what they are, with this fear breathing about them?” Red hair glimmered as Kenshin shook his head. “Fear without leads to fear within. And that will create the monsters your people seek to destroy, that it will.”

“Not if I can help it.” It hurt, not saying any more than that. She wanted to tell him Kerowyn wasn’t the only Herald willing to let a former hitokiri alone; wanted to spill every detail of her meetings with Talia and a very few other Heralds, as she delicately laid bare what her boarder was inadvertently teaching her about his very private people. Wanted to blurt out that he was safe, no one would drive him from Haven, Selenay herself wanted him here-

But if he knew that, he would run. And the Heralds would lose their best chance to come to terms with what they’d thought was just a legend.

A legend Kerowyn doesn’t know about. Yet. Kaoru held out a hand for the small pouch of tools he kept in his sleeve. “Start at the edges, work out to the tip?”


10 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Conspiracy

  1. . . . Well. Well, well, well. What was that I quoted the other day about Honest people? Granted, /I/ don’t think this is stupid (Captain Jack Sparrow on the other hand would probably never allow himself anywhere within ten feet of Kenshin if he could help unless he had some leverage to ensure Kenshin wouldn’t kill him – thereby avoiding this whole situation entirely).

    Sooo. Kaoru’s secretly passing info from Kenshin on to a limited body within the Heraldic Circle… which includes the Queen and Queen’s Own but /not/ Kero… or Elspeth. And Kenshin has his Ki sense to help read people and some kind of clan-bond with Kaoru… whose Samurai descent still hasn’t been fully explicated… but Ki-sense /is not/ mind-reading… So who knows how much of this /he’s/ aware of.

    Well. Kaouru is very definitely her father’s daughter, and in both cases, what Kero or Kenshin may think after the fact /I/ feel it’s probably for the best.


    1. Selenay wanted Kero’s take on the situation to not be slanted by what the Queen hopes is possible. And as for Elspeth… well. Selenay knows the Hawkbrother and Shin’a’in takes on blood magic (as in, self-sacrifice can be an acceptable thing), but she also knows Elspeth’s had contact with Vanyel’s ghost, and the blood magic history there might have Elspeth try swatting first and asking questions later.

      Plus – hanyou can be mistaken for ChangeChildren, and Elspeth’s experience with those has been Mortal Enemy (Falconsbane) and Abused Person Needing Rescue (Nyara). Either reaction would not be good.

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  2. So Kaoru and Kenshin are already entangled, and Kenshin has always been *beyond* protective about people he cares for AND has Youkai possessive instincts too (if I read things correctly), and Kaoru is a herald (trouble magnets the lot of them)….I am in awe. BIG explosions.

    This is going to be sooo much fun.

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  3. “Start at the edges . . .

    You know, that might be the best way to teach people what they need to learn about hanyou and youkai. Start at the ends – with the blindingly obvious – and work your way in.

    Because if hanyou are ever going to live openly around Valdemarians, said people are going to have learn what a youkai and hanyou are and what they aren’t. Preferably before a case of mistaken identity gets very ugly. Along with the major dos and don’ts – which they still need to get pounded in about human Yamato culture. It’s not going to be quick and easy but it might doable.

    Good point on Selaney needing a second opinion with limited options for someone who would look at the situation critically without doing something . . . something first.

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    1. Not to mention Selenay has a temper herself, and is more than a little ticked off at people dropping out of thin air onto her doorstep. 😉 Even if it wasn’t their fault. (And Selenay has a suspicion whose it might be.)

      Putting Kero on the case without preconceptions means that if Kerowyn gets cranky, Selenay has that outside perspective that her own crankiness is justified. If Kero doesn’t – well, Selenay’s already been through some major wars, she knows her country might need the help.

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