NaNo Update – Maniacal Laughter

Die, wordcount! Die!

…Ahem. *Sweatdrop.* It’s been that kind of day.

On the plus side, 16 K is now behind me, and the characters are pinballing around various odd events that will eventually include murder. (Of course.) And I’m managing to get in various esoteric bits of folklore that make the world a lot deadlier for the supernatural than you might think.

On the other hand… well, if you’ve done NaNo, you’ve probably had a variant of this conversation.

Family member: “What were you doing all that time?”

Exhausted NaNo writer: “Writing.”

FM: “…No, really.”

ENNW: “1.7 K, gotta do it again tomorrow….”

FM: Stunned silence. Then, “What do you do for fun?”

ENNW (possibly striking Spartan pose): “Fun? Fun? This is NaNo!

*G* Good luck, everyone!


16 thoughts on “NaNo Update – Maniacal Laughter

      1. Is it just me, or does Karou end up a Fluffy the Terrible Tamer in a lot of your fics? …then again, that’s an extension of her in canon. I guess I should ask, “Is it just me, or does Kenshin end up as a Fluffy the Terrible –” wait…. Strike that. He’s a canon Fluffy in his home universe.

        Except this time he’s a lot more fluffy. And… cue mental image of Kenshin with hair color coordinated Inuyasha ears. *facepalm*

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    1. >Glad you liked! In fact….>
      >Oh, hells, Battousai groaned, in that last lucid instant before the link of ki to ki wove itself from finest gossamer to a sword’s steel. Should’ve run – shouldn’t have let Sano get close enough to stop me – shouldn’t have let Gensai near my ki, curse it, he cleaned out all my channels->
      Whoops. *G*
      This is why it’s good to inform the doc about any pre-existing conditions you might have.

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      1. Oh I’m sure he can list off multiple completely valid medical reasons for why he cleared Kenshin’s channels.
        It’s just far from the only reason he did it.

        To mis-quote one of your previous fics:
        “You are a sly, conniving, scheming old healer.”

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  1. Ouch.

    What is about doing stuff that primarily involves your brain (which writing definely is) that makes people think you aren’t actually working? Or that it isn’t taxing? Do they remember how they felt after doing a lot of learning, or trying to remember what they’ve learned?

    Does no one ever pick up on the little detail that your brain is one of the biggest consumers of your oxygen and blood glucose in your entire body? Even when you aren’t, say, trying to learn or remember something or do something where you are actively* thinking, your brain is still using a not insignificant portion of your resources. And like any other organ in your body, when you are actively using it, it uses more resources.

    *By which I mean, when you are trying to work something out in your head as opposed to the stream-of-consciousness thinking when you aren’t thinking about anything in particular.

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    1. No idea. The best I can figure is that some people think writing is just daydreaming onto the page – and that’s what people do when they don’t have enough to do, right?


      OTOH, it may simply be that most people just can’t grasp someone is willing to go to great and exhausting lengths “just writing”. Like they look askance at ultramarathon runners. It’s just not normal, they say.

      …Eh, normal’s overrated.

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