Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Teenagers

“Doesn’t sound like the gryphons I know. Not that I really know them,” Kaoru added hastily. “Treyvan and Hydona spend most of their time in the Mage’s Collegium, and I was only there for the class on magic and fakery. Karal’s pretty nice for a Sun-Priest.” Now she did blush. “Anou… I know we’ve had Sun-Priests in Valdemar for years, and Karse is part of the Alliance now, but ‘Tousan was in the Guard when they were still torturing Heralds when they caught them. As soon as Megumi Chose me, he marched right over to the Collegium with half his books on Karse tactics.”

“The act of a wise and compassionate samurai.” Kenshin reclaimed his fingers with a sigh of relief. “But you said they have children?”

“Lytha and Jerven,” Kaoru nodded, brushing off the stone. “They’re cute. Well, they used to be cute,” she amended. “Lytha’s probably just getting to pretty by gryphon standards, given that Jerven’s starting to get an attitude like Yahiko’s.”

:Worse,: Megumi put in from her shelter in the courtyard. :Makes me wish I had wings. Just for a quarter of a candle-mark.: A distinct image of horsy teeth closing on a feathered tail came with the thought. :I don’t know how Gwena puts up with them. Though I swear it has something to do with how she always acts like she knows something the rest of us don’t.:

Like Companion, like Chosen, Kaoru thought wryly. Though this time it wasn’t just Elspeth who seemed to know something she hadn’t, but Kerowyn as well…. “I thought-” Kaoru swallowed. “You said a hitokiri was an assassin.”

She felt the sigh in his fingers. “Jin-e was hitokiri. And an assassin. As… sessha was. Once.”

Do not thump, do not thump, do not, Kaoru chanted to herself. Gods, give me patience – and I want it right now!

“It is – easy, to be both. Efficient. One snuffs out the life of one’s enemy, and seizes that energy to do even greater harm. Or to save one’s own self. Or those about one. Sessha has… done all of that, at one time or another.”

She gulped back a sob. It hurts. Oh kami, it hurts. “So you’re… a blood-mage.”

“I am one who was taught to use the strength of death,” Kenshin said quietly. “As I was taught to use the strength of any energy about me, if the need were great.”


13 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Teenagers

  1. Huh. First thought to come to mind is a red mage from Final Fantasy, who can do black & white magic. Doubtless, what Kenshin is talking about is a lot more complicated…. but I don’t think Rainbow Mage is a thing. (Yet.)

    …gah. Mental image of Kenshin in a rainbow colored version of his usual pink outfit with Yahiko cackling is… gah.

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  2. Hmmm. But is using all energies available a Hitokiri trait, or something that Hiten-Mitsurugi-ryu practitioners are trained in.


    1. Hiten Mitsurugi swordsmen probably have a much higher degree of training than average, plus… well, a wider net, so to speak, given they generally spend a lot of time away from suicidal idiots and therefore need to draw on more natural energy for their feats.

      …Hiko would define “suicidal” as “came after a Hiten Mitsurugi master in the first place.”

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  3. IIRC (and I may not) Jin-e was not a Hiten-Mitsurugi-ryu practioner, but he was hitokiri and assassin. From what has been posted so far I posit that it’s the Hiten-Mitsurugi-ryu practiioner trained to use every spark… at least Kenshin remembers his Master hammering reflexes in to him about not relinquishing any spark of magic under any conditions.
    But the hitokiri seem to have some magic or other, too, in this crossover, given Kerowyn’s reaction to getting to meet one in (relatively) calm circumstances.

    I look forward to more clarity on the question.

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  4. So, it seems to me that hitokiri are mage-warriors (or at least, have some amount of mage-gift) who have the training to grab the energy released when people die around them, including that of the people they kill personally. Morally, it’s quite grey, but doing it in battle is very different from grabbing innocents to sacrifice. And I could see a cultural thing for the Yamato people being an understanding that if you fight with a hitokiri, you accept that they may do that if/when you die – which would be another unspoken thing that Kero would trip over until she figures out the right questions.

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