NaNo Update – 18 K

And poor Church just found out there are worse things than rakshasas.

I can be so mean to my characters….

I’m trying not to infodump too much, but I have to admit that part of the fun I’m having is that Church thinks she knows what’s out there – vampires, werewolves, the occasional zombie – and keeps finding out that no, there’s much more, and the vast majority of it wants to eat you.

Or at least kick you the heck off their particular lawn. Oh? You say you own this spot, puny human? Prove it.

AKA Myrrh has very good reasons to be as heavily mystically armed as she can manage, and even better ones to tell the cops every non-magical bane they can shake a stick at.

I think I’m going to be writing a bit soon where someone else managed some research, though! That should be painful. And interesting. 😉


12 thoughts on “NaNo Update – 18 K

  1. And poor Church just found out there are worse things than rakshasas.

    There is always something worse. Nature abhors a vacuum.

    And it likes to periodically remind everyone who is boss – and what better way to do that than make progressively worse (from the human perspective) supernatural critters some of which aren’t so much as evil but do what you off their turf (turf arguments are not something that humans are used to losing except with each other)?

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      1. *nods*

        Well, it would get rather depressing if humans didn’t win at least some of the time in stories. Through as usual in those kind of stories, it is not good for your survival odds to be an unnamed character . . .

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