Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Nosy Horses

If we don’t stop Kurogasa’s murders, more people will suffer, Kenshin had said, when Sanosuke had asked why he would help guard Tani, a man who knew all too well who he had been. Including Kurogasa himself.

Honor the kill. Kaoru drew a shaky breath. She’d heard those words used to refer to hunting, but to human beings….

“Sessha disgusts you.” Red bangs hid his gaze. “One could be gone within the hour-”

“No!” Kaoru clamped down on his fingers, drawing a stifled yip. “You idiot! How far do you think you could get with Kerowyn on your trail? She knows swordsmen. She knows mages. And she wouldn’t just be after you for Valdemar; she’d be mad. You’re staying right here!”


I want him to stay right here, Kaoru realized, stunned. I want – I don’t understand!

:It’s your Gift, Chosen,: Megumi said privately. :It seems to have snuck right through his shields and made itself comfortable.:

:But I’m a Herald!: Kaoru almost wailed. :I shouldn’t-:

:He hasn’t done anything except defensive magic. Blood-mage or not, none of us can fault him for that.: Megumi’s tone softened. :And… you didn’t hear what I just overheard, from Gensai. Kenshin needs you, Kaoru. He needs someone to care about, or one of these days his own Gifts will kill him.:

Right; ‘Tousan had said something about that once. That samurai couldn’t stay ronin forever. That part of the reason he’d joined the Guard was to find fellow warriors he could trust, to balance him.

:Now that that’s settled,: Megumi spoke to both of them, too casually, :would somebody tell this big oaf to head back to the Field where he belongs?:

:Ah, c’mon, Megumi,: Sanosuke’s voice held a rough charm. :I don’t bite.:

:I do.:


5 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch2 bit – Nosy Horses

  1. Careful, Megumi, the aforementioned big oaf just might be into that.

    Plus he can probably tell that Kenshin might still need to be sat on. And if nothing else, his teeth have proven very effective at getting him to hold still long enough to get him start listening.

    Unfortunately Kenshin has a lot of bad tape that make hearing stuff like “I want you to stay” and “We have your back” actually confuses him or he tries to convince himself that they don’t mean it, really.

    There is a reason that Kaoru in other universe has briefly considered (and considered) getting a leash.

    And she wouldn’t just be after you for Valdemar; she’d be mad.

    No kidding. And at least part of that mad would be “I wasn’t done figuring you even one of the mysteries involving you, so get back here you annoying human-shaped puzzle box.”

    Another part is “I’m trying to be reasonable here. Work with me!”

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