NaNo Update – Cold Iron

…Oh yeah. That scene stung. My poor characters….

The problem with smart teenagers is, they can come up with an out-of-the-box option, but then often don’t have the experience to consider “so what if this doesn’t work the way I thought?”

Well. Hopefully this will be a non-fatal learning experience.

Though honestly the emotional stuff in this particular situation is going to be nastier to defuse. If our heroes even can. Family drama, murders, cold cases, hitmen… whoof.

And our heroes get to tell this family they’re being targeted again. Oh, joy….



8 thoughts on “NaNo Update – Cold Iron

      1. Uh-Oh… I’m not sure I should feel sorry for the hitman’s family or sorry for for the guy who’s after them. Going after anyone a (supernatural?) hitman might care about sounds suspiciously like aiming a gun at yourself…

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      2. *G* Poor Church. Think about it. Cop enforces the law. Demon-slayers? “Oh good, we know he can shoot….”

        Of course that is what the demon slayers think.

        Laws can and do change. So does how rigidly or not someone intends to enforce them. But man-eating monsters tend to stay man-eating monsters . . . and if your lucky, your flesh is all they want to eat.

        Plus, if the situation goes to heck, it is always good to know who is capable of defending themselves and who is going to need to be protected . . .

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