NaNo Update – Rabid Other-story-bunnies

If you’ve read “No Plot, No Problem!” written by the guy who got NaNo started in the first place, you might note that in the chapter on Week 2, he mentions there will be other ideas luring you away from your novel. And that it’s tempting to drop your first idea and chase those instead.

In my case, those ideas are often rabid ficbunnies.

…Which means that in addition to my wordcount, I now have about 3 pages of notes on a possible Saiyuki idea. That is not River of Stars, of course not, the bunnies wouldn’t be that helpful. Ever.

*Head. Desk. Repeat.*

Ah well. I at least have the notes. Planning to try and finish other fics first, bunnies! Oy.

Still broke 24K. And the characters are about to deal with the splinters. Onward!


34 thoughts on “NaNo Update – Rabid Other-story-bunnies

  1. *Sits patiently and curiously, eating popcorn and wondering what bunnies want to cross Saiyuki with*

    Man… splinters /suck/. In my day job I tend to get a lot of paper-cuts, even worse when they’re cardboard-cuts, and splinters have always felt to me like the /most/ painful moment of that, but drawn out continuously and unendingly until the splinters are removed.

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      1. Huh; the last time I checked they’d taken those down, because it was officially published. Argh.

        …but by dint of poking through Google at the library, was able to find scanlations today. Wow.

        Now I just need to find out if Hazel’s still alive in Blast, or if I can nip the story I’m interested in in-between Reload and Blast.


      1. I fold. I have been most fortunate in the extreme /lack/ of such injuries I’ve received. Comes from living a boring life, I suppose.


  2. Though I love to write, I can never seem to follow through with anything. Perpetual case of writer’s block. And a bad case of ADOS.

    For example- have you ever thought about how well Yu-Gi-Oh and Hikaru no Go would mix? I don’t know much about the latter beyond fics, but what I do know…


    1. Haven’t read /any/ Hilarious no Go personally – fic or otherwise – but I’ve actually wondered about that crossover myself.

      One problem with it keeps coming to mind: Yugi is supposed to be the King of Games, but the ghost haunting Hikaru is like… History’s greatest Go player. So who wins the inevitable match.


  3. Oh, do I ever know that feel. My deepest empathies. I – somehow – got trapped deep within the caverns on the Cloud Strife tag on Tumblr for a few bleak, depressing, writer’s blocked hours today…

    …and now the bunnies won’t leave me alone.

    *head-desk* “Go away!” I shout. “I am not currently writing VII fic!” But alas, twas to no avail.

    I pray that your bunnies weren’t too large, because while a quick oneshot is an ‘okay’ break from NaNo, sometimes you just get swept up into the urge to rewrite and rework an entire universe…sigh.

    Congrats on very nearly breaking through the halfway point! Almost at that final frontier!

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    1. I took notes. Lots of notes. I have them to stare at in the middle of the night, because Grumpy Sanzo makes me feel better.

      And no, no plans to actually write any of it until December, at least. I know myself. Get derailed from this plot even a little, it could all go poof!

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  4. Hey more Saiyuki is always a good thing. Just keep those notes. Because I’m also extremely anxious to find out what happens to Myrrh, Aiden, and Church…

    You write wonderful stories. (Happy smile)


      1. chainsaws and law enforcement in Urban Fantasy go quite well together. Murphy (Karren Murphy that is) would definitely approve after that mess with the plant monster in the hardware store.


  5. In my case, those ideas are often rabid ficbunnies.

    The bunnies maintain that it is their fault that you keep consuming media laced with such potent bunny bait.

    Mine generally refuse to keep nagging me about an idea until I write it down somewhere. Then and only then am I allowed to go back to doing whatever it was I was doing before (working on something else, eating, sleeping, etc).

    . . . .bunnies wouldn’t be that helpful. Ever.

    Of course not. They have too many ideas to be confined to one thing at a time . . . plus they prefer their writers (etc) to be always doing that careful dance on the line between complete insanity and normal insanity. They need you just crazy enough to listen to them but not so crazy that nothing gets done.

    Planning to try and finish other fics first, bunnies! Oy.

    Sorry but they are very attracted to shinny objects and will make themselves very distracting to their captive persons after spotting a new one or a favorite one.

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  6. Let the bodhis hit the floor, let the bodhis hit the floor…

    My pattern analysis is trying to match early Buffy with the first Mass Effect as described by Shamus Young.

    “The bits you are removing from both are some of the reasons you think you can simply jam them together. You don’t have any idea of how to merge the whole, and will fail without a plan. You’ve got far better ideas.”


      1. Sure. There’s also a song somewhere that the army apparently adapted to ‘check your headspace, shoot a commie in the face, all I wanna see are bodies, bodies, bodies’.

        Young’s thesis is that the ME trilogy was effectively written to at least three different sets of direction. He thinks that the first one’s setup would have been for Shepard to lead a group of investigators using the rosetta decoder ring in his head and archeological sites to collect information to that might hold off the Reapers-as-great-old-ones. Slayers move everything in the mythos a notch over towards “set it on fire, make s’mores, and go home”.

        First thought was “Buffy Anne Shepard, with the Buffy storyline skipped forward”. Later season Buffy doesn’t especially build towards the life choices that get someone where Shepard is at the start of ME. So axe later seasons of Buffy. That still leaves a gap between mid-teens and a mid to late twenties military officer of exceptional promise. That would have to be addressed, so I have to ask myself what I actually want to do, and if so much removal and replacement would serve well as fanfic?

        My fiction project management is closer to being able to pull off other projects, whose purpose is clearer to me.


      2. Thanks. If nothing else, that is certainly to my taste.

        Since it is far future, and not one with a fully specified history, there is a certain freedom to just nuke places, and move the situation to an original Hellmouth with OC villains. I’m debating whether this is a good idea or not.


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