NaNo Update – A Choice of Details

Wordcount slaughtered for today!

Hoping to get some more done tonight, but… now I run into a problem that’s almost too interesting. How much research to include?

This is a serious question given some of the very nasty stuff Myrrh is currently teaching the cops about. I’ve done my research on old and modern-day sorcery and entity creation, and some of the methods used… whoof.

Let’s just say, I’m amazed some of them saw print. I’m even more amazed some of those authors currently alive are not incarcerated. FBI profilers would have a field day.

So… I suspect I will not be putting in the most graphic details I now have stored in my head. (Damn it, research bunnies.) What the readers will see on-screen is bad enough….


14 thoughts on “NaNo Update – A Choice of Details

  1. Probably should include just what you need to get Myrrh’s point across about what they are trying to deal with and maybe have her mention there are other stuff . . . and they are actually worse than what she just described . . . she can point you toward some resources but it’s total Nightmare Fuel . . .

    And they look or feel increasingly horrified because the stuff she went detail about was bad enough . . .

    Well at least it impressed that magic is not a toy?

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  2. My advice: Be like David Weber in Apocalypse Troll, Not Like A Mighty Army.(Apoc troll had interesting exposition in a page,LAMA had boring exposition in 20 pages.)

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  3. One thing I should note from what I’ve heard from people experiencing similar lectures is that a standard tactic in RL is for the lecturer to describe in some detail one single relatively not-too-extreme example, while a slideshow of example pictures of the much worse stuff is playing in the background, so that when he gets to the “and there’s much worse out there” bit of the lecture, he doesn’t have to explain because they’ve already seen. Which actually makes your work much easier, since you just need to make mention of the slides in the background, without actually describing what’s on them.

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      1. *Insert ‘slideshows/powerpoint’ are evil because of Hitler*

        Seriously, apparently one of Hitler’s briefers was the major innovator in development of that style. Any actual problems are in whether that approach is less effective and breeds worse habits than the alternative.


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