NaNo Update – Sorcery

…Is not a pretty thing, in this ‘verse. Granted, there can be benign ways to summon and deal with various entities. Myrrh does not usually have to come down like a hammer on the benign stuff.

Yeah. I think I just traumatized a bunch of cops, and at least two reporters.  Ow.

What’s personally scary, I think, is that a lot of this stuff was already stored in my head due to past research on many, many other odd bits of folklore and history. Current research was more to fill in the blanks and double-check my bits of lore were accurate.

Thankfully, imagining something isn’t doing it, or we’d all be hung.

And unfortunately, if you’re one of the good guys, you have to know enough about how the bad guys think and act to catch them at it.

…I’m going to go watch some nice fluffy happy AMVs now. So I can sleep tonight.

Hope everyone else’s NaNo is going well!


23 thoughts on “NaNo Update – Sorcery

  1. Well, I rest assured that you, at least, don’t have a heroine making silver bullets in her oven. Loved the chain on the author’s website on what and how she worked the logistics, *after* it was published. Also, am really grateful to the quirk in my mentality that means I don’t really grok something if I don’t see pictures at least. If I read it I know it, but there is little emotional connection.

    For example, I can read about the ritualistic cannabalism of the Aztec and not want to puke. It’s handy for researching gore at least. And looking back I may have freaked out people I was talking to because I could, with relative good cheer, talk about the blood eagle and similar. Huh.

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    1. Making silver bullets in…. *Checks melting point of silver.* Okay, what monster oven has she got? Wow.

      I have to agree on the whole “if no pictures, isn’t as bad” bit. And yes, the blood eagle is one of the things that came up. Those poor reporters….

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      1. That would have been one of my thoughts for a werewolf emergency. Hit a dentist’s office, get their silver amalgam, and fill in the hollowpoint rounds. If it’s hard enough to be bitten in your teeth, should stand a chance of standing up to being fired!

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  2. As it was said before, who needs horror when you have history?

    And in the days before television, people still told stories. And it seems some of the most popular were ones that scared the shorts off everyone. The stuff that hits those deep, primordial fear buttons – the kind of thing that tends to make your brain bypass the higher reasoning sections in favor “run away, right now!” Or “kill it with fire!” depending on the person and the situation.

    I just had a thought . . . that the stuff that the Shays were doing in Boston in Around would make almost anyone in Ubel Blatt go “Wischentech!” and proceed to kill it with fire.

    Not a likely encounter given . . . well, everything . . . through Tiburon would be very impressed by a certain someone’s skill with sharp, pointy things. And that mess with the eldritch abominations and the crazy magic users making them is definitely a king level problem. But the tone of the two series is too different . . .

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      1. White-haired swordsman ought to avenge his fallen comrades, has every right to be ticked off as heck . not completely sane but given what happened, I doubt anyone would be . . . tremendous potential for Crowning Moments of Awesome . . . no, can’t see why the bunnies would think he’s awesome at all 😉

        The world he lives in could use a solid infusion of hope . . . but as you demonstrated with your story, you can do that without making the setting saccharine . . .

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      2. And yes. Yes, the Shays would definitely be considered possible Wischtech.


        And the most horrible thing is that not entirely wrong . . .

        Especially since if they had access to the stuff Wischtech mages uses to make their horrors, you know they would totally do it . . .

        Don’t want to think about just how terrible that mansion in your story would feel to someone sensitive to rukh . . . .

        . . . okay, time for happy thoughts. Hero group hug. Everyone in a sleepy kitten pile. Heroes getting to use their powers for fun too . . . everyone being awesome.

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    1. I’ve read those in the past, thanks; Brother Cadfael mysteries are also good for that.

      It’s just sometimes it does hit me that I know a lot of things most people don’t ever really think is polite conversation. And sometimes it seems odd.

      …Then again, that’s writing. 😉

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      1. Most nothing interesting is polite conversation– but there are an awful lot of things folks just don’t ever want to hear about. Or have in their heads. At all. And it’s perfectly justified…..

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