NaNo update – Wordcount thud

And sometimes, the only way to keep writing is to have some extra words built up so you know you can stop early if you just run out of… well, everything.

Time. Inspiration. Ability to keep your eyes focused on the screen, or fingers hitting the right keys on the keyboard. Yeah.

I am getting somewhere, and setting various things on fire in the process. Just, between the various RL interruptions, Drama, and in general not having a good day, it’s hard to feel like getting anywhere.

Plus my villains are being way too shy and cautious. Got to do something about that….


11 thoughts on “NaNo update – Wordcount thud

  1. Does make it hard to make progress or even feel like you are when it seems like everything is conspiring to interrupt your train of thought, the flow of words, etc.

    That doesn’t count when your characters get uncooperative in some fashion
    “Get out here!”
    “Why the heck not?!”
    *gives reasons. sometimes they are good reasons. Other times they are headdesk reasons. Either way . . . grrr*

    Hugs if you want one.

    Or if you prefer, this amusing mental image of Ja’far. There was a mishap with magical lightning and now his hair looks even more like a dandelion puff ball than usual.

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      1. That’s redundant. I think you mean *more* monsters are showing up. But that’s tough. I hate writing sometimes because of inspiration issues.

        I’d make you fresh socks or a cowl if I were in the area. Nothing cheers like hot drinks and new socks or something else to snuggle in. Unless it’s doing that next to a fire with good company and a good book.


      2. Well, no, some of the first set were smart enough to not get into the fight….

        Heh. Writing for pure fun, like fanfic? Sometimes, yes, inspiration is required. Especially for the Right Idea. Writing for NaNo? Take Jack London’s advice. “You can’t just sit and wait for inspiration. Sometimes you have to light out after it with a club.”

        Hot mocha! That’s the ticket. 8 shakes of salt, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp instant coffee, 1 tsp baking cocoa. Mix together dry, pour in just enough hot water to wet it and mix it into a slurry, then pour in the rest of the water and stir.

        (Note: for extra wake-up, I’ve tried adding a little bit of cinnamon, or a little bit of chipotle. Of the two I prefer the pepper.)


  2. And you prove that today, at least your planning and preparation skills outweigh the random speed bumps of life.

    *Raises glass in toast*

    May you always be one step ahead, and your delays well in hand!

    As for shy/cautious villains: ooh, those are the /worst/! I can’t speak from a writers perspective, but from a reader’s they tend to be frustratingly good and not being caught off guard themselves, with a backup or two to escape just when it looks like the heroes may finally have then cornered. Always annoying, that. Still, definitely cements them as dangerous.


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