NaNo Update – 38 K slaughtered

I’m working as fast as I can, because this is going to be a potentially very busy week coming up. As in interrupted at possibly all hours kind of week, between Thanksgiving and RL house-being-worked-on stuff.

Luckily the bunnies right now are busily clashing a few characters with disparate worldviews off each other, so they were kind. There’s a bunch more things I want to get into the story, but the emotional interactions are what the bunnies have their teeth in. Hopefully they’ll be getting to more of the action stuff, as well.

I anticipate much rewriting with smaller battles interspersed, beforeΒ I lead up to the big one at the end. πŸ™‚ ATM, though – spiritual counseling! And a hitman.


9 thoughts on “NaNo Update – 38 K slaughtered

  1. At least the bunnies are busy enough chewing on the stuff they have got not to bite you for “ignoring” them after yet another interruption . . . . that’s nothing to sneeze at. Plot-bunnies have a lot of very sharp teeth and will bite when annoyed. Or bored. Or something.

    ATM, though – spiritual counseling! And a hitman.

    I know it’s for an original work but that combination and the way it was worded sounds almost like one of Simon’s noodle incidents.

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      1. The bunnies present me with β€œThis could have happened, really!”

        And with Simon (or Sinbad), it’s not hard to believe. The only thing that surprises Ja’far about any of those incidents – the ones he’s present for and the ones he only hears about – is that any of this still surprises him.

        Life can be very interesting when one of your friends and/or family is a Weirdness Magnet. Especially they are also a Trouble Magnet. Simon is both. So is Alan.

        Sounds like the main characters in the book are too. (Net is on my to-buy list. I just haven’t had the extra money for new books).

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      2. *G*

        …And yes, so far I like writing about trouble magnets. Although some might refer to Myrrh as more the Bug Zapper of All Things Evil. You know, “Oo, pretty light, must smother it-!” *Bzzzt.*

        Aidan’s a more traditional Trouble Magnet. Along with… well, I hear there is a TVTropes page, though I haven’t had a chance to check it recently… you can probably get spoilers there. πŸ™‚

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  2. I tried for NaNo this year and the bunnies kicked my behind, so instead of the original work I was trying for, I wound up finishing up a one-shot request. It’s for a genre I usually don’t write for, so at least I flexed my author-muscles even if I couldn’t benchpress with the big leagues this time. πŸ™‚ Much respect to you for managing to get so much done!

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  3. Ah, family gathering holidays, bane of writers everywhere. Well, good luck with the housework. And ooh, clashing worldviews. In my experience characters yelling at each other in heated disagreement is great for dialogue, characterization, and just tends to make for fun and interesting scenes.


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