Nano Updates – Working on it

Usually I post these after I’ve made wordcount for the day. I haven’t yet, but I’m posting anyway so I can at least get the bunnies to stop using that as a distraction and get down to killing monsters.

After all, action. This should be the good stuff.

Except my bunnies always have this problem with action. Which is, 3-D movement of anything through space is… hard to visualize.

So it ends up being write a bit. Visualize. Try to decide what next move would be. Repeat.


But onward!


14 thoughts on “Nano Updates – Working on it

  1. Well-written action scenes are hard.

    One area where visual mediums have an edge over the written mediums. Because it is a lot easier to portray an action scene with pictures than with only words.

    Yes, said visual mediums have to block out the fights before they draw or film them if they want them to look decent. But they use pictures and stuff like “The monsters go ‘snarl!’ and hero goes swish-clang with the sword and then . . .” and maybe act it out so people have an idea of what they want. And then build from there.

    As novelist, you only have the words. And readers want more than “The monsters go ‘snarl!’ and hero goes swish-clang with the sword and then . . .” when describing the action scene. Okay, parody or satire could probably get away with kind of description. Or if the comic relief character was trying to describe it later to someone . . .

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  2. Have you considered maybe plotting it out visually? As in, character A is that bottle, character B is that pen, and that crumpled ball of paper is the Big Bad? It might make the visualisation a little easier, even if it only does 2D

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    1. Sometimes that helps. I do some little bare-bones map sketches for really complicated fight scenes, at least on the order of “here are the doors, here’s the walls, so if character X crashes there there’s a possibility they’re ejected from the room” sort of thing. Still ow, though. 🙂

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  3. Oh wow, good luck on reaching your word count! I literally just a second ago validated my NaNo, and the feeling of relief is incredible – no longer can I feel guilty for procrastinating nor will the bunnies gnaw at my mind, so good luck with them is final stretch of days on reaching that sweet, sweet relief yourself.

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    1. Hee.

      The Quincy polity in Projects 1-3 is the Republic. Unless that government is an offshoot of the Federation. If Project 4 is correct, this would seem to potentially conflict with the theory that project and valley are the same universe.


      1. At least I’ll probably have headcanon for a while longer… (I’m assuming two instances of ‘Federation’ in ‘Sanzo vs’ are meant to be ‘Republic’, unless the polity that internally describes itself as the ‘Republic’ is called the ‘Federation’ in the Satrapy.)

        I’m pretty enthused for this. And Cracks, the two unreleased SAO projects…


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