Whispers of Fire Ch 12 on AO3

Whispers of Fire Chapter 12, “Come to the Dark Side” is up on Archive of Our Own.

Happy Thanksgiving!


11 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch 12 on AO3

  1. And to answer your question, Cassim, yes, Alibaba’s crazy is catching. Or his and Jubal’s crazy is breaking through the blockage around your own.

    Because all King Candidates are crazy. All of them. And their crazy can be a contagious disease considering how all of them also have the ability to talk people into following the craziest it’s-a-million-to-one-but-it-just-might-work plans, And sometimes convince people to follow them, thus getting them into other equally crazy adventures.

    Said followers, when and if they are feeling charitable, might warn a newbie that if they want to avoid getting caught in any more chaotic whirlwinds of mayhem, adventure, mayhem, danger, mayhem, monsters, and mayhem, then they need to keep themselves as far away from said King and his or her craziness as they possibly can. They might even try to warn you before you get caught in the first one.

    People seldom heed this warning.

    And sometimes they don’t bother giving it because they aren’t going to listen and besides, they look useful/shiny/interesting and I could use the help with this lunatic.


  2. New theory about Cassim:Toothache. I have a *heck* of one right now. think 1/*2 cup of wine just to get to sleep last night! Considering that my last sip was Feb sometime… And I’ve been asleep till 8:30pm today..


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