NaNo Update – 48 K slain, bunny taunting me


I think I’m going to have to put a note of “Need shiny reason of Doom here!” for editing in later. Argh.

For now if I’m going to make any headway I’ll probably have to skip that bit to write the rest of the mess currently hitting Intrepid. It’s enough to know Character X is involved, I can hack down the exact reason later. I hope!

This rough draft is not going to be done in just 50K, nope. But you don’t have to finish the draft to win NaNo, thankfully. Just the 50K words.

Please, let tomorrow not be a disaster….


18 thoughts on “NaNo Update – 48 K slain, bunny taunting me

  1. Could be worse?

    Better than when your bunnies try to utterly abandon the project halfway thorough . . . or are sticking with it but keep getting distracted by all this other shinny stuff that has attracted their gaze and pouting when you insist on stay on track. Just notes and I promise I will look at this idea AFTER November . . .

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      1. Informing you in no uncertain terms that they will not be ignored.

        Haven’t seen that many teeth since . . . late last night and this morning . . . they have this idea that involving our favorite heroes being born on an Earth with no magic, monsters, or anything like that . . . until it hit with an unholy mixture of the World Fraction Spell from Log Horizon and Ethan Rayne’s Halloween spell. Then they have all the magic and monsters they could possibly want . . . and many more they don’t.

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  2. Better than my idea of Tykebomb Mad Science virus! Inspired by FFx2 psychic job no less. Music to the tune of X-ray Dog’s Merciless Giant Slayer.(earworm Awesome Songs)


  3. I went from ‘these concepts would work for an mmo in a vrmmorpg story’ to ‘to be used in a story involving the evil occult plan of SAO’s second arc villain’ to ‘which implies Kayaba also had an evil occult plan’. Since my prepared evil occult Kayaba bunnies didn’t want in, I started building one from scratch. Got partway before I was wanting to mix in Tokyo Ravens, Mahouka and Megaten as RL, which aren’t necessary, and may be far more trouble than worth. Not clearly defining the project as the first step always makes the later work tend to drift.


      1. Yeah, that is a major source of my usual problems, in addition to my cluelessness about plot and character. The answer for this is that I’m clearly wanting some form of military onmyou in the worldbuilding, and should stick to original AU. For this one I don’t care a fig for the emotions and other elements of any property but SAO.

        I want to do Argo-as-ship-girl? She’s the original Argo, made by hundred eyed Argus, and practices Daoism. The other stuff? Doing the AU worldbuilding from scratch will be more practical than borrowing someone else’s. I simply need to understand what I want to do with the post-Aincrad arc, and work from there.

        Like how shiori_makiba’s notion didn’t grab my emotions until I said ‘that, but everything original, and records, artifacts and geography in addition to flesh and memories. Plus every “source universe” has world war scale conflict in its recent history.’ Then I ran out of answers.

        Woke up with insight into one of my nonfiction projects, which I can start work on after finishing the current nonfiction project, hopefully today.


      2. Whoof. That’s a lot of fandoms.


        Getting the bunnies to stick to a reasonable or at least workable amount of fandoms can be very difficult . . .

        Because they often aren’t swayed by such logic as “There is no way I could juggle that many in one story” and “You bunnies do realize that I’ve never actually watched or read that series? I only know it from fan fic.”

        Their only response right now to those very reasonable arguments is that I don’t have to put all of the fandoms into ONE story, just one setting. And I could always make this an open sandbox for everyone to play it so fandoms I’m not familiar with to write or even know get to play . . .

        And I have to admit that last one is tempting. It’d be fun to see what other people who do with the set-up . . .


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