NaNo Update – 50K!

Yes! Wordcount is slaaaaain!


(In case you were wondering, that was the sound of a writer almost faceplanting keyboard as the validation counter comes back with over 50K. Heh.)

This is not where I’m going to stop. The rough itself feels about 2/3 done, so I plan to keep writing until the end of November, and probably at least a few weeks or so beyond. But I did at least get 50K before the huge RL interruptions I’m expecting on Monday, so that’s a relief.

(RL involves roofers. If that gives you any idea, you probably know you don’t want to know more.)

But I did at least get to the point where bad guy interference is rising, and various good guys are trying to pull together, and that should soon lead up to mass monsters-in-the-streets messes. And fires. And magic.

And a cop with a wrench.




12 thoughts on “NaNo Update – 50K!

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping to add at least a few more thousand before November’s over, but at least now if I have to take a whole day – or two, or more – to deal with RL problems, I won’t be panicking.

      …As much. Maybe. 😉


  1. Considering I’ve just spent much of the past week (including almost all day today) washing the house, stripping paint, and then repainting the house… yeah.


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