Through the Cracks Ch4 bit – Tales and Numbers

Kenshin glanced away, wet his lips. “You should speak to Kaoru-dono. And then Yahiko; he is young, hai, but he was raised knowing of hanyou, where Kaoru-dono’s knowledge is less than complete.” Humor glinted in violet. “And it will be an excuse to make him read to you. The Tales of Inuyasha; that may be enough to snare a young boy’s attention to books, should your demand for the knowledge force him to sit down long enough to start them.”

:Glad to help,: Sano promised. :But – how’d you learn to hide it so well?:

“Hide it?” Kenshin smiled ruefully. “Aa, to you, it might well be hidden. But even before this one’s… adventures… in Rethwellan, there were many Edoko among the Ishin Shishi. This one had practice being polite among them.”

Sano nodded. :Megumi said – Edoko don’t like hanyou? Why?:

“Edo is a larger city than Kyoto,” Kenshin answered, “and far more peaceful, from the time of the first shogun to now. There are less hanyou within it, less Gifted, and less trust of them.”

Huh. Well, given some of the reports on Errold’s Grove before the Hawkbrothers settled in nearby, that actually made a sort of sense. People who didn’t deal with the Gifted every day tended to start regarding them as weird, and then as “not quite right”, and – if you let it go too far – as downright dangerous.

Attitudes that only got worse when you had bunches of people crammed together – and according to everything the Heralds had learned from the Yamato clans, Edo alone easily had a million citizens.

A million people. Gods. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a million of your people in one place!

Though it certainly explained how Yamagata and Shimazu could drop enough thousands of people on Haven to make up a small Imperial Army, and still think they’d only brought a “small” contingent of survivors….


10 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch4 bit – Tales and Numbers

  1. Yeah, as long as they didn’t manage to write Inuyasha completely dry, it should be exciting enough to keep Yahiko from groaning too much (through he will probably complain about mushy, girly stuff when and if the romance part of those tales comes up . . .)

    Learning about hanyou and youkai, well that’s at least one of the hurdles cleared. And one more toward Megumi and Sano to learn WHY hanyou and youkai get so twitchy around Companions.

    Yeah, the late Tokugawa / Meiji-era population of Edo (Tokyo) and even Kyoto was shocking to most foreigners. Heck the size of modern population of that city is shocking to most people. It’s hard to believe you can cram that many people into one space.

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      1. The scary bit is that ceramic roof tiles were pretty much the only anti-fire feature of those buildings. (On the bright side, they were better against earthquakes, of course. And that happened more often.)

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  2. *winces* A fraction of the population as survivors. Even if it’s little to them, that just means any they save are that much more precious.
    On the other hand… *grins* Kagome’s romp through “history” as actual history. Oh, that made my day.

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