NaNo Update – A bit of silly

And sometimes the bunnies are just hysterical.

No, really. If you’ve read “No Plot, No Problem”, you probably know about the Random Ninja Attacks that you can throw in to spice up any stubborn plot.

I get Random Folklore Attacks. Seriously. Odd bits of info will just bubble out of that Ominous Chained Vault of who knows how many years of reading the weird and the unexplained, and once in a while they’ll even advance the plot.

And yes, my bunnies love Exact Words. Waaaaay too much, sometimes.

But what the heck, I’ll take even the latecomers to the party. 🙂 After all, the nice thing about NaNo is that you toss in what you want – and then sort it out later.

This, I think, is the real trick to foreshadowing. Get everything you want in the rough draft, then go back when you’re editing it and make sure you hint at it all before it shows up!



4 thoughts on “NaNo Update – A bit of silly

  1. Of course the bunnies love Exact Words if one of their favorite tricks is pulling out random bits of folklore – Rules Lawyering is common tactic for both the human and supernatural sides of a conflict.

    How many times has someone got into or out of trouble because pulling the “I said I won’t do X. So I did Y instead” card?

    Of course, it helps for the thing you are dealing with is bound to keep their word for one reason or another.

    And always remember with those type critters is that most of the time they only cannot tell outright lies. They will imply and let you make assumptions. They will give part but not all of the truth because you didn’t demand the complete truth. Or they will say it was the truth as far as they knew . . . but they won’t actually lie.

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  2. Finally got around to reading the Argonautica to research for the idea where Argo is the Argo. My pattern matching sense is giving me three different seeds for SAO/Saint Seiya crosses. No plot, no emotions, no character development, just seeds.


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