NaNo Update – Final official wordcount

Whoof. 55,766 for November. *Thud*

The draft of “Seeds of Blood” still needs the big ending fight scenes and the clean-up aftermath. I’d estimate maybe 10K more, more or less, to finish that off. And I fully intend to pull that together… just, maybe not at as frantic a pace as November. You can only keep up high-intensity wordcount so long!

Not to mention the roofers will be back tomorrow morning and the noise will send concentration to the “pfft!” stage.

It is so far, like all NaNo drafts, one ugly lump of half-baked plot, dangling Chekovs, and characters drifting in and out as events seemed to demand. I wouldn’t dare put this in a book as it stands.

But as a rough draft – ah, I love NaNo for that. Because ugly and messy as it is, it’s an idea thumped onto paper, and once you have all that together you can start fixing things. Like taking that ninja who turned up on page 100 and having his shadow foreshadow him back on page 10. Or picking up a bit of monster-killing trivia from page 20 and boomeranging it back to take out the bad guy in the climax.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, need to finish the draft. 🙂

…Starting tomorrow. For now, Zzzzzz…..

18 thoughts on “NaNo Update – Final official wordcount

  1. *thumbs up*

    Hooray for big wordcount and accomplished goals!

    Yeah, RL would eventually prevent one from doing massive word counts everyone. I think even those writers who seem to be able to high daily words with ease would have concentration issues if people were doing something as distracting and noisy as fiddling with the roof of the building they were in.

    Plus sometimes the bunnies get snarly when they feel like you are overworking them. One just one project and barely letting them play with all their new and old shinnies. And the last thing you need is cranky, snarly bunnies – they have very sharp teeth and a very pointed sense of humor.

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  2. Sleep tight! And thanks for being apolitical at this time!(started a new series on AO3. utterly ruined by postscript at the end.Trump is not a bigot! Pain in the butt yes…)


    1. Sigh. Politics and fic for fun, two separate things. Now, a writer can never keep all their own political viewpoint out of a fic. (I tend toward conservative views. In large part because I would very much like the government to leave me alone as much as possible.) But going after specific people? Meh. No thanks.


  3. Yay! Nothing quite beats that feeling when you finally finish up a project you’ve been laboring on, does it? (Well, for a given definition of ‘finish’, anyhow..)


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