Post-NaNo Update: Dragging it farther

Building up the big fight scenes always seems to be the hardest part of the book. Except for maybe the fight scenes themselves. I’m always wondering have I built up to it enough?  Explained enough? Not explained too much?

(Cue the sound of nervous teeth nibbling nails. Cartoon beaver vs. tree comes to mind.)

That’s the part of Seeds I’m in now; hopefully all the bad guys have been introduced, the clock is ticking, and things are about to start sliding badly downhill for Our Heroes. Ouch.

But this is the rough draft, and the only way to get through to “The End” is to keep telling yourself, don’t worry about the perfect lead-up to the Big Battle. Just get an approximation written. There will be time to edit. And re-edit, etc., many many times.

…One part of leading up to it is trying to decide in advance where which Chekov’s Gun will go off. Some things are such a wham, they should only happen once. After that, the surprise is gone.

Meaning if you’ve got something you want to use at the last dramatic moment (I do, actually), you need to have good reasons why the character doesn’t use it before then. And “saving it for the last moment” is not really a good reason. After all, your character doesn’t know which is the last battle of the book!

600 more words today, though, so I’m getting somewhere….


10 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Dragging it farther

  1. Meaning if you’ve got something you want to use at the last dramatic moment (I do, actually), you need to have good reasons why the character doesn’t use it before then.

    Limited applicability – it really only works on X.

    Lack of the necessary stuff – I didn’t have X ingredient or enough of it yesterday. Or I ran out fighting stuff last week. Why do you think I went to store?

    Collateral potential – The flamethrower works but its kind of messy. Worked last time but it also burnt the place down around us. Thought it was a little extreme.

    It’s a Pain to Carry Around – This is very useful but it is also heavy.

    Danger to teammates and allies – Yes, this will kill the monsters. It will also kill Aiden.

    Needed More Data – X critter is only weak against this. I didn’t know we were facing X critter until just now. After all, a lot of supernaturals do Y and it could have been any of them.

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  2. There’s also time and place dependencies. Some of the most effective banes require that they be done at a certain time, or a certain type of place, or even require a certain type of person. (Oddly enough, the one that I can think is both super specific, useful, and used to be common knowledge doesn’t work much anymore. The white horse that has never stumbled, useful to find treasure or blood sucking demon’s resting places, as long as he’s ridden by a virgin and led around at either dawn or noon…)

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    1. Um…. Outside of Eden, the Sidhe hills, or a videogame, where does one find a horse that has never stumbled? Have you ever watched video of a foal’s first moments on his own, or of foals playing in a pasture?

      That’s a joke spell.

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  3. As an additional possibility for why the heroes didn’t use their Checkov’s Gun in an earlier fight:

    If the Dresden Files has taught me anything it’s that /massive/ cranial trauma is a great excuse for someone to forget they can do a thing.

    *Thumbs up* and good luck!

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