Through the Cracks Ch4 bit – Proverbs

A/N: Late due to mechanical shenanigans. Meh. Hopefully the third visit will be the charm….

Himura inclined his head, bangs falling away from a quiet smile. “One hopes your student is faring well, that I do.”

You may choose to look innocent, but you’re still keeping up to date on who’s who and what powers you might have to cross, Sejanes thought. I am duly warned. And, oddly, comforted. Valdemarans might find the Yamato as alien as the Shin’a’in, but he’d visited those wild isles enough to begin to unravel the puzzle.

And just as with those horse-nomads, you have to start with the proverbs. In this case – the best swords stay in their sheaths.

It was polite to be armed. It was more polite to gently, subtly, display the fact that you were armed, to avoid needless confrontations. Such behavior showed you were a person of honor, one whose face could not lightly be damaged.

Which tends to cut down on the duels. The ex-Imperial smiled, determined to reply in kind. “Fending off marriage proposals. At his age.” Sejanes rolled his eyes. “I have to admit, one of the first things that crossed my mind when I’d heard your people dropped in on us was hiring a geisha for him. Tremane may like to live barracks-practical, but sooner or later he’s going to need people who can breathe court intrigue like fish do water.” He spread his hands. “But Hardorn’s a long way from here, and I know your people like to stick to their own. Not to mention it’d probably scandalize the nobility of every kingdom from here to the Dhorisha Plains….”

“One does wonder what would happen should shunga appear in common society,” Kenshin said wryly.

“The Kaled’a’in kestra’chern would love them,” Sejanes predicted. “The noble houses would probably have a collective stroke.” He let his voice rise to a dowager’s scandalized gasp. “It’s just not done!

Kenshin smiled, a subtle tension easing out of his frame. Let his glance rest on bundled silk. “Do you know how to properly remove the danger from that? One has dealt with them before, in emergencies, but the method is – unfortunate to the surroundings.”

A/N: Shunga = “Spring pictures”, erotic woodcut images.


15 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch4 bit – Proverbs

  1. the method is – unfortunate to the surroundings.”

    As in people give very serious consideration to the theory that a natural disaster was the cause of this . . . scene?

    the best swords stay in their sheaths.

    Sometimes the best way to avoid a fight to make it very clear that while you would rather not, you can and will defend yourself if attacked.

    Tiburon would have no problem with their civility. Plus it would probably amuse him to see many Yamatoans agree that Ja’far is a ninja.

    Re: Shunga

    Yeah, many of them will probably react almost exactly like how many Europeans did.

    Especially since, if erotic is one feather while porn is the whole chicken, some shunga is a lot more . . . feathered shall we say, than others.

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    1. It seems with the “best swords” proverb, it’s less of the “indirect threat of violence”, tho it has that too, at several levels, and more about “I’m in the same boat as you. I have to care about my honor. So you’re relatively safe from any threats to your honor from me, because hurting someone else’s honor also hurts my own (unless you make it so that it’s the opposite, where not hurting your honor hurts my own. so don’t do that.)”. Basically, the results are highly similar, but the exact reason for the results, and the chain of logic behind them, is fairly significantly different.

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