Post-NaNo Update: And more Politics

It was a dark and stormy night….

No, seriously, it is right now. Lightning, wind, the works. Typing this in a lull between storm bands, ’cause I’d really rather be off the computer when the power flickers, kthnx.

Getting a bit farther with the political stuff, though, in part due to some offline scribbling while the real thunder was going on. Sometimes longhand lets me chip at the edges of problems when otherwise I’d be staring at the computer screen with brain going, “….”

The trick in this part is to have one character being wrong without being ill-intentioned. This is, shall we say, not easy. And will probably take lots of successive approximation, AKA write, consider, rewrite, repeat.

But I will persevere. Because just because someone is wrong doesn’t make them evil and worthy of stompage.

There may be some stomping of that character later, though. Ouch!


8 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: And more Politics

  1. There may be some stomping of that character later, though. Ouch!

    Probably not unexpected.

    Because said character caused problems by being wrong. And while this wrongness wasn’t intentional or malicious on their part, it still caused yet another headache. And depending on the mistake, possibly an avoidable headache. So you can understand some of the other characters’ desire to smack said character. And said character might deserve at least one smack to the back of their heads for this.

    Also sometimes when people make mistakes, even when it blows up in their face, they don’t understand what they did wrong that caused that happen and trying to get that through their heads so they don’t do it again can be very frustrating.

    And frustration right after yet another problem, especially if that problem involved possibly gruesome death for the heroes and bystanders, is not always handled in a calm, rationale matter.


      1. Well, these are modern times.

        Do something wrong where a lot of people can see and record it, you might escape getting called out onto the carpet by people in person but you will not escape the internet calling you an idiot (and that’s when they are feeling polite.)


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