Through the Cracks Ch4 bit – Petals

Curiosity has killed more Adepts than all the dark mages combined, Sejanes reminded himself. Still… I’ll never get a better chance to Look. Blinking slowly, he invoked Mage Sight.

Himura wasn’t there.

Illusion, betrayal – no! Think, you idiot. Yamato. Subtlety. Look again, and wait.

And there it was. A whisper in the energies where a human’s life-force should be, subtle as raindrops in a stream.

Incredible. Sejanes extended a tendril of his own magic, tracing near, but not into, that flicker of disturbance. Hawkbrothers can make themselves appear as part of the forest – which means you can find them, if you know to look for trees where no trees should be. Himura’s wind and water and one thin thread of fire….

In the physical world, he felt the hitokiri watching him with narrowed eyes.

Focusing his attention on two levels at once, Sejanes rubbed his palms gently together, slowly pulling them apart in a glimmer of blue mage-light. Held the shimmering sphere a moment longer, then blew on it as if puffing on dandelion seeds.

The light bobbed on his breath, floating like a soap bubble as it wafted near red silk. Circled flame-bright hair, tracing an eddy in the magic around Himura too faint for even Mage Sight to sense. Hesitated.

And settled into Kenshin’s upraised palm, limning cupped fingers in bright azure.

Sejanes frowned. “You don’t have Mage-Gift.” You can’t. You can’t possibly. He’d felt the magic in Yamato blaze as the very earth convulsed. A trained mage could survive it, if they were careful and lucky and never, never tried to tap a ley line once the ground started to give way. A child – no. Impossible.

“I do not,” Himura agreed. “But energy is energy, Sejanes-san.” Fingers cupped, he closed both hands about the little light. Shut his eyes, drifting into the meditative contemplation Sejanes had seen at a tea ceremony.

Or before the first stroke of a duel….

Blue light glimmered, shifting through violet to crimson to faint, perfect pink-

And a breeze blew over them both, wafting blooms of pure light from Himura’s hands to his.


24 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch4 bit – Petals

  1. Does this mean that Kenshin is more like a Companion? They also just absorb and manipulate surrounding energy, mostly unconsciously. Hahaha. What a funny thought.

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  2. . . . Are they still having this party in the – thoroughly surrounded and observed by Guards – semi-public front yard of the dojo?


  3. Heh. I don’t remember what book it was in, but I remember a mage working with a Healer discovering that they were working with more-or-less the same energies, although possibly at a slightly different “frequency.”

    Also, I wonder what the survival rate is for hitokiri-in-training. I suspect it may be rather low… Because ‘safe’ is not one of the adjectives I would associate with how I presume it works.

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  4. I see Kenshin is not done breaking people’s brains yet.

    But it sounds like Sejanes might be the best person to get someone here to understand what ki is. And might be of help in find a way to explaining this and why constantly having your aura blaze in Yamatoans’ faces is one reason they are so often irritable with Heralds.

    Hmmm . . . having Sejanes, Kerowyn, and Eldan compare notes should be an interesting conversation.

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      1. “You can’t talk about this somber?”


        “Good. Because neither can I.”

        “Agreed. Here’s your glass.”

        Later . . .

        “Have you three been drinking?”

        “Yes. But we think we might have something.”

        “Are you going share this something any time soon?”


        “But not today?”

        “Correct. I promise, as soon as we’re sure that we know what we think we know, we’ll tell you.”


        “Trust us. We know what we’re doing. Pretty sure we do, anyway.”

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  5. “Curiosity has killed more Adepts than all the dark mages combined”
    Ha! I do like your take on Sejanes. I notice that thought didn’t deter him from poking at Kenshin, just made him sensibly cautious.

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  6. Now I have incentive to reread the mate storms trilogy. I like what I’ve seen of Sejanes so far but for the life of me I don’t remember him….those books were a long time ago.

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      1. A very good supporting character. Sane and sensible, and very proud of how Tremane managed once the Storms started. And fascinated by Valdemar mind-magics, once they worked out that those were real. *evil grins*

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