Through the Cracks Ch3 up on AO3

Through the Cracks chapter 3, Complicated, is up on Archive of Our Own.

As for post-NaNo – take it as given, still wrestling with the politics bit, hoping to knock out the rough in the next day or two. Fingers crossed!


17 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch3 up on AO3

      1. So first part, 95% of this was really cool(especially the spar). And I can see where you’re going, a couple of minor canon things that aren’t really important(Healers are usually not chosen, when one of them is, it’s usually an “Oh hell, what’s going to happen” thing, like in Vanyel’s time).

        I think the thing that gets me is the part where Battousai and Kenshin are entering the palace compound. The mental dialogue makes me twitchy. Yes, it might be character overconfidence, but it makes it seem like the Valdemar side is far enough weaker that peace isn’t really possible. Might or might not be the effect you’re going for.

        Which is a pity, because the spar/aftermath is a wonderful case of characters actually learning things on both sides.


      2. There’s a very good reason Kenshin is keeping himself out of reach for certain people. πŸ™‚ He was, canon, one of the scariest weapons in the Choshu arsenal and considered capable of taking over the Imperial Palace on his own. To the point that when Choshu actually did that for a bit, no one believed Battousai wasn’t there. (He wasn’t. Ouch.)

        And this is not out of power level for the setting, given it’s Valdemar canon that the last Herald-Mages could level half of Haven if they felt so inclined….

        Also, bear in mind Elspeth and Darkwind, both Adepts, are not currently present, and Kenshin knows it. That’d change the equation considerably. *Wry G* I guess when I wrote this years back I figured people would remember those two powerhouses….


      3. The late night reread noted two things.

        One the matter of another Herald’s mindspeech not being the same same as seeing it in person. Mindspeech cannot copy what the Herald can’t perceive, and Kero has trained perception where fights are concerned.

        Secondly, in this sort of migration it is normal to have ethnically affiliated organized crime come along. Hence Yakuza, and here Kaoru’s desire to break them is in character, and her long term agenda is viable.

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  1. Read it and know that Kenni: understatement personified.Every Yamatoan is hanyou who lived….If you want me I’ll be in the armory,where there’s a CHANCE of living through the explosion.Think Fuel Air Explosion!!


  2. Well I can see Kenshin giving Kaoru and anyone else willing to learn, some lessons in how you hide/quiet you Ki. Because not only is it polite among Yamato society and preventing you from being blindingly obvious in a fight, it also prevents you from constantly screaming ‘Eat me!’ to every hostile Youkai in range.


    1. >…That would be an excellent idea, yes!πŸ™‚>
      Of course then the Shinobi get grumbly because what Kenshin considers properly quieted Ki is up to their levels of stealth. They’re supposed to be the sneaky ones dammit.


  3. Considering that there’re tons of lit matches and oil all over the place..I’m reminded of the scene in Worm where the protagonist takes down a villan gang on break.The scene shown was some villans desperately trying to stop an army of insects with lit matches in their jaws,while soaked in flammable clothing.


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