Through the Cracks Ch4 bit – Translation Hijinks

Sejanes paled suddenly. “Himura said Katsura released him? How good is his Valdemaran?”

“Fair to middling,” Kerowyn noted. “Why? I grant you Kaoru doesn’t always use the same words; she said her father was relieved of his obligations so he could come to Valdemar.”

“I take it she meant houmen. Set free from his obligations,” Sejanes corrected. “I suppose you could translate it as released, but it’s not the same thing.”

:And just why,: Altra asked archly, :are you looking at me?:

“Yamato don’t release a human,” Sejanes replied. “They release hawks back to the wild. Village folk from slavery or unclean status to rank as a true human being, after acts of uncommon bravery. Youkai… from vows that bound them to human service.”

Kerowyn crossed her arms. “I don’t care what they called him. Himura’s not a demon.”

“If they think he is, it doesn’t matter what we believe, now does it?” Sejanes set his cup down. “And they do think he is, Captain. With good reason. The fear Tremane and I felt, the terror anyone who faced Battousai and lived shook from for weeks afterwards, is primal. Inborn. Written in the very blood of every human being who’s ever lived.”

:Creatures of the Abyssal Plane have always slipped through to this reality,: Altra agreed. :If humans didn’t instinctively fear them, none of you would have lasted this long.:

“He can pretend to be a demon?” Karal shivered. “That must be horrible.”


18 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch4 bit – Translation Hijinks

  1. And Karal makes the obvious guess, and gets it backwards. It’s fun seeing this happen. Even with a translation being given with explanation, the worldview and manner of thinking of the one hearing it still affects how they interpret it.

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  2. Ooh. I can see how this went wrong, but ouch. It’s like watching a car slide and spin sideways through a patch of ice. I’m just waiting for it to hit the big old oak off the side of the road.

    But I’m kind of looking forward to the crash? I love how events in your universes have reasonable causes.

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  3. Oh, he’s not pretending to be anything. Especially not back then.

    It’s just that youkai are not actually demons, where the definition of “demon” is “being from the Abyssal Plane.” If Yamatoans follow standard Japanese, they would use the term “Akuma” for that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but, here at least if not in general, youkai is just kind of a catch-all for “supernatural creature.”

    Also, that fear? You would feel that for most other alpha predators. Of which I would very much count youkai. Well, anyone with any sort of survival instinct would. (I very much consider both to be classed as survival instinct)

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      1. …why do I get the feeling that “connection” will involve, “Look, bukko, this is my territory. Eat steal and die!” Complete with flashback to Inuyasha’s dad being pure badass.

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  4. Most people who live around a big predators or other deadly critters have the sense to be afraid of or at least very cautious of them. See Africa. Also see Australia. Anyone who wasn’t probably got themselves a Darwin Award.

    Pretending to be an akuma probably would be awful . . . if Kenshin was pretending to be anything other than exactly what he is – a hanyou who would very much like to avoid having to kill anyone except for those who need killing. By his definition of need. Not some politician. Whose definition generally includes “is in my way.”

    Youkai and Akuma might have a connection but I’m still willing to bet that considering the two the same is a bit like thinking a zebra and a horse are the same critter. There are similarities but also some very big and very key differences that will bite you in the behind if you assume or forget.

    And you lot, you were just going over the fact that a translated word didn’t mean exactly what you thought it meant. Consider that might apply to a LOT of OTHER words.

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      1. Kenshin will give the embarrassing details.

        Probably in a very blunt fashion.

        Because some of this misunderstandings are getting to be annoying and the few that aren’t could be deadly. So subtle that might be misunderstood and cause more confusion? Nope. Blunt, blunter, and bluntest.

        In some ways, they will probably appreciate his willingness to cut straight to the bone rather than dance around it.

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