Post-NaNo Update: Mood Music

Right now, I’ve got “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” running through my head.

Devil Went Down to Georgia – Lindsey vs Eliot

I know, I know, I said I was writing battle scenes next, and that’s not exactly battle music. But it is good confrontation music.

And if you want a fight to impact as person versus person, rather than hero versus faceless evil hordes, you really need a confrontation, first.

By some definitions, none of the people in the upcoming fight are strictly human. But Aidan has decided he is not a monster. So. Someone threatens to attack you, you try to warn them first.

Note, “try”.



15 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Mood Music

  1. Sometimes the bunnies have odd cravings for music. Not much that the music itself is odd – just not what you’d expect for the bit you are writing. Or the time of year.

    Mine tend to get the oddest desire for Christmas music in the middle of summer.

    My bunnies also like me to listen to music either without lyrics or the lyrics aren’t in English when I’m writing. Generally because hearing English words seems to distract part of my brain from getting English words onto paper. The exceptions are songs I’ve heard a lot for years. I can do notes and sometimes brainstorm with English lyrics or podcasts or something like that playing in my ears but actually writing the story and . . . nope.

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    1. Same here. I love writing with instrumental music, but anything with lyrics is too distracting. I can brainstorm while listening to music that actually has words, but write? Nope.

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  2. Music as a tool for envisioning certain scenes is something I get. My bunnies are sometimes musically-inclined. 😛 Best of luck on your writing!


  3. I listen to music whenever I do something that needs a lot of concentration. And I’m not picky. So long as the music is repetitive I can listen to anything from rap to video game soundtracks. The only thing I can’t listen to is non-repetitive music so anything from the Romantic era and back isn’t very useful (that’s what I get for 10 years of playing instruments and liking music history). That stuff is to interesting to listen to, especially the Baroque era music…

    I’ll generally get lyrics of songs reminding me of certain characters which can sometimes get annoying. Aiden’s is Ode to Sleep as the chorus is a good summary of his character arc in Net. Steven’s is Sparks of the Tempest as that’s the kind of world he’s been trying to make for the past 25 years.


  4. *snrks*

    On the other hand, I need to listen to certain types of music to do any real concentration work where I don’t want to hyperfocus – like, oh, say, driving. Or often writing. And for me, which type of music works best really depends on my mood and whether or not I have a headache at the time. (If I have a headache, music with lyrics is right out. Otherwise, I can have lyrics or instrumentals depending on mood.) But they’ve got to be classical, folk, filk, or some form of soft rock (pop, easy listening, oldies, etc.). I can’t tolerate rap, metal (much less heavy metal), or anything harsher (or louder) than that.

    I have sets of playlists for writing. 🙂

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