Through the Cracks Ch5 bit – Search

“I’m afraid we must search the house and grounds,” Tostig said formally, waving to his men to spread out.

“Without permission?” Kaoru blazed.

Tostig released half a breath; not quite a sigh. “Herald, you know as well as I do that the guidelines on investigating reports of Changechildren are very clear.”

“Changechildren?” Gensai crossed his arms, looking like a friendly, immovable piece of granite. “Surely you can’t mean Himura. Why, I’ve Healed the man! If he had any trace of twisted magic about him, I assure you, I would have sensed it.”

Tostig tried to step around the scowling Healer, reddened slightly. “With all due respect, Healer Gensai, you are neither a Herald-Mage nor a Collegium Instructor, and until he’s officially cleared by one or both of those, I have to act on the information I’ve been given.”

“What information?” Kaoru bit out. :Yahiko! Go find Kenshin now! Tell him to get to Companion’s Field, stay there, and wait for me. Go!:

But Kenshin’s not-

:They don’t know that!: Kaoru kept her face still. :Gods, I know he’s patient for a samurai, but I really do not want to test it by letting the Guard arrest him and take his sword-:

Take his sword?!? Horror smacked her from her student. Kenshin’s a hanyou!

“Hey, kid! Stop!”

Kaoru moved in concert with Megumi, accidentally-on-purpose stepping between the two Guards who had any real chance of stopping Yahiko’s dash for the streets. The other three tried to grab for the kid, but they were no match for a Yakuza-trained pickpocket. Yahiko dodged, wriggled, applied a truly nasty kick from Kamiya Kasshin to the side of one Guard’s knee, and vanished into the crowds.

Limping, Elias glared at her. “Herald or not, you’re interfering with a legitimate investigation!”

:I suppose now isn’t the time to point out this man, brainless as he may be, is the nephew of the head of the Haven Weaver’s Guild?: Megmui noted.

Oops. Kaoru winced. Oh well.

“Actually, she’s helping, Elias,” Tostig said dryly. “Myojin’s her student. She can’t find Himura by mind, but she can find the boy.” He fixed her with a look. “Isn’t that right, Herald Kamiya?”

“I’m just as much an agent of the law as you are, Chief,” Kaoru stated. Except when the Queen tells me not to be.


25 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch5 bit – Search

  1. Hee. This isn’t from Rolan.

    So probably a tip off by someone on the Yamato end, who knows very well what it could cause.

    Let’s see, Elspeth may still be off, so someone needs to get Sejanes. Fortunately, Kaoru has commo to Kerowyn, so there is some chance.

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      1. Okay, that alleged nobleman who got caught participating in a foreign paramilitary group committing offenses against a foreign crown thinks throwing someone else to the wolves will buy him some space. No wonder Tostig is fairly pro forma about it.

        The wise thing is to a) not confine Kenshin with guards that might push things b) let him keep the reverse bladed sword. Simply taking it away does nothing to make him safer or easier to hold. Tostig does not know this.

        I wait with bated breath.

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      2. Yeah. Tostig is Not Impressed. Politics. Gah. He’s really hoping Kaoru will get some idiot under Truth Spell and make him an obvious idiot.

        (And the proper use of bated! You don’t know how many times people are really fishy about that….)

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      1. Kaoru always struck me as a quick learner. Something tells me that her time watching Kenshin (purely for the course of her mission from the Queen’s Own and totally not because she loves to watch him move) and his Hapless Rurouni act are about to come in very handy.

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  2. Ah, the appearance of trouble from the a-fore-sensed pain in the neck.

    They are probably trying to make trouble for Kenshin so their never-do-well relative in that incident can get off.

    And judging by how little respect he apparently has for Haven’s laws, I’d bet good money the little snot and his family have done something like this before – tied the Guard up with accusations against their accusers or otherwise prevent them from pressing a complaint in court.

    Take his sword?!? Horror smacked her from her student. Kenshin’s a hanyou!

    Of course, he’s horrified, Kaoru. Yahiko knows how dangerous a hanyou without their sealing sword is.

    And given how dangerous Kenshin is under normal circumstances WITH his sword, I don’t think anyone wants to imagine him without it. Kenshin has a lot of control but control has limits and even the most controlled hanyou keeps their sword for a darned good reason.

    Tell him to get to Companion’s Field, stay there, and wait for me. Go!:

    Good plan.

    Besides Sano could probably use some company that he doesn’t want to knock into the middle of next week.

    Through Kenshin might get curious about who, exactly, put a burr under Sano’s sandle. He probably wouldn’t ask but he’ll wonder. Especially since Sano wasn’t in this mood the last time he saw him (I assume Kenshin hasn’t seem since their earlier conversation before Sano got a gag order from Rolan . . .)

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      1. That kind of pass-the-buck tactic does work best when there actually is something there. Or at least looks enough like to warrant having to take their nonsense seriously.

        Much easier to get away with it when your deflecting complaints actually are or at least look valid. At least long enough for the other party to give up or the Guard to get distracted by something far more pressing than untangling the knot. And for said never-do-well relative to relocate themselves elsewhere until this inconvenience (their words) can be taken care of.

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  3. Hmm. So, some political reason that this isn’t getting squashed. Because Kero, as Weaponsmaster, should qualify as a Collegium instructor. And having a Herald escort him to get him vetted would probably make most Guards much happier than having to take a possible Changechild into custody.

    >>“I’m just as much an agent of the law as you are, Chief,” Kaoru stated.
    Heh. Yeah, right. 😉 Heralds are agents of Valdemar, then the Crown, then the law. My impression of them is that they’re selected and trained to be pretty much Neutral Good, perhaps on the Lawful end of that. Their mandate is to preserve the Kingdom, defined as the people of Valdemar. Of course, if they do break the law, they have to answer to their Companion, and the rest of the Heralds. And they’ll generally get authorization beforehand…
    Of course, it’s rather impolitic to actually say that. Now I’m wondering what Chief Tostig’s other job is, if Kaoru’s statement is true on the face of it…

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    1. The guard raid could easily have crept in under the radar. I suspect Kerowyn, Sejanes, and Karal have been pretty circumspect. I also suspect a mind call from either Kaoru or Megumi going “Ah, do you know what is going here? The guard is trying to arrest Kenshin for being a changechild” would get a *very* unhappy adept and an equally unhappy Weaponsmaster barreling towards the dojo faster than they can say “Oh sheka!” Especially since the guard is (probably unwittingly) undermining the assurances both Sejanes and Kerowyn gave to Kenshin. Oops.

      So let’s see – we have the Valdemarians (Kerowyn, Talia, the Queen, etc.), Yamagata and crew, Satsuma and crew, this new Rethwellean ‘nobleman’ who may or may not be tied to Satsuma, the white horsies (who have their own agenda), Valdemar’s allies (Karal, Sejanes, and Altra), the city guards and gods know whom else all focused on one little dojo and a (very powerful) ex-hitokiri who wants to be left alone to garden and watch kids. It is always a marvel to see you build up a story. Wow. I believe I agree with “Insert Witty Name Here,” popcorn is definitely in order.

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      1. First they have to catch him….

        Somewhere in the multiverse, Saitoh has snorted, smirked and wished them the best of luck in a very sardonic voice.

        Because he and his men (and others) searched diligently through Kyoto and could not find him when he didn’t want to be found. And even when they were fighting him, once he decided it was time to leave the fight, poof! Gone.

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      2. >Haven’s smaller than Kyoto, granted. Even so…..🙂>
        Hmmm, does Haven have any rivers and bridges inside the city? You know, for old time’s sake.

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