Post-NaNo Update – Confrontation Continues

Trying not to drag this part out but it’s stubborn. In part because the emotional build-up has to be there before things totally boil over. Eep.

It’s also stubborn because I’m trying to use this bit to tie up a few loose ends of where some minor characters are and what happened to some various bad guys. (And what’s going to happen, those poor schmucks.) Not to mention that one of the characters involved has to seriously consider what his best options are, given violent death plus a Demongate equals a bad idea.

But mainly it’s the whole confrontation aspect that’s slow and sticky. Because seriously, who of us really enjoys picturing themselves in that situation? As opposed to after the fight’s already started, and dishing out massive worlds of hurt.




4 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update – Confrontation Continues

  1. Because seriously, who of us really enjoys picturing themselves in that situation?

    I know I don’t.

    I think, for some people, it takes more psychological spoons to confront someone than it does to fight them. Because, when you get right down to it, fighting is simple. You really don’t have to think all that hard.

    Confrontation means using your words and having to listen to what might be something very rude or just plain awful but you have to listen if you going to counter it one way or another. Because sometimes people do let slip something you need to know admist their bile storm. Or help is on the way but you need to stall these idiots and you don’t have the resources, etc, to stall them with a physical fight.

    Punching someone in the face is much easier by comparison.

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