Through the Cracks Ch5 bit – Pondering

An unsuspecting soul had just come up to tend to the garden pots on this Haven roof, swearing at the heat. Meditating in a shady corner, Kenshin kept his eyes almost closed, and his ki quiet. Not here, no one here.

What should I do?

For samurai, it would barely be a question. Yamagata-san was the rightful daimyo of Choshu-in-Valdemar, chosen and confirmed by all his people, not just the surviving samurai. More than that, he was an honorable lord, who had done all he could to destroy the corruption of the Shogunate and build a new, more humane government. Even Yamagata’s silence on the matter of hanyou might well be the best choice he and his advisers could find; these Valdemarans lived with guardian spirits among them, even if only the Karsite Firecat had vision clear enough to see a hanyou for what he truly was.

I still don’t know what Altra said to Kaoru, at the last. If it was not to me – it must be a matter for Heralds alone. Perhaps the spirits themselves are not certain how to proceed?

That, he could well believe. The guardian spirits of Chi’in had had the most contact with the youkai of Yamato, and that had led to centuries of efforts to conquer their islands; by steel, by coin, and by magic. Because youkai were not the akuma a kirin was bound to destroy, but….

If Katsura believed we could find safe refuge here – then Companions must be more forgiving than the kirin. Even Altra threatened, but he did not attack.

A very calculated threat, that. Carefully given in full view of Megumi and her Herald, as representatives of Valdemar; and given when no noncombatants were present.

So that if he were wrong, and I truly was an akuma – no innocents would be hurt.

They’d been given a chance. They’d been given peace, offered with an open hand; and if the other hand held a silver dagger, well, that was only sane with strangers. What else could Yamagata have done, but show his people were fair, and honorable, and just, and pray Valdemar learned that of them before they realized all of Yamato’s heritage?

No, any born to bear two swords would be honored to find a place with Yamagata-san.

But I… was not.


22 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch5 bit – Pondering

  1. Ah yes. Yet another important piece of the puzzle Selenay and the Heralds are missing in regards to dealing with Kenshin. Kenshin is -not- actually samurai, despite the general conflation of hanyou=samurai, and expecting him to act as one will only lead to more confusion and upset plans.

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    1. >*G* Which even a lot of the Ishin Shishi don’t know. >
      And probably would really grate at them. A mere peasant, outperforming them all to such a degree on the battlefield?

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  2. But I… was not.

    Farmers, if that bit of canon holds true.

    Through he also has youkai. Of who knows what social standing. And apparently either powerful enough or recent enough to make Kenshin a pretty strong hanyou. Through I’m sure Hiko’s training from hell contributed to his strength.

    Another hint dropped elsewhere is that while Hiko wasn’t sure of who exactly Kenshin’s youkai ancestor was, he was pretty sure of trouble current and future, and immediately moved to nip it in the bud as best he could.

    Anyone who doesn’t like his methods could take it up with him later AND explain why, if they so concerned about X, they didn’t do anything about it themselves before he got involved.

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    1. Definitely farmers. There’s a possible explanation. (One that has Hiko thinking morbid thoughts about the possibility of not just meddling youkai, but meddling kami, and argh.)

      Honestly, the situation Hiko canonically found Kenshin in was more than enough reason to suspect the little redheaded gaki would find trouble anywhere, anytime. He was the only survivor of a caravan of slaves – after Hiko killed the bandits who’d killed everyone else….

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      1. Yeah, that does smack of plans. Or at least something very odd going on.

        And in a universe where there are definitely gods and gods that can and will poke their nose into things . . . .

        Hiko probably had to stop thinking about it too closely. It made him itch with the need-to-kill-something.

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    1. This is Kenshin, I’m betting on whatever will cause maximum shenanigans. Which will probably end up being daiyoukai, but not necessarily.

      (also, to do italics, just put around whatever bit of text you want italicized, with no spaces obviously)

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      1. Particularity since the Kitsune would likely A: already have said relatives list made up and B: hand over the list to Hiko with a smile on her face that makes him want to kill something.

        The smile being used has been previously seen on such individuals such as Yūko Ichihara, Xellos and Gin Ichimaru.

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      2. Like go hunt up a nine-tailed kitsune and ask for a detailed relatives list….

        I guessing he’d be asking with Winter Moon?

        Or at least very tempted to do so.

        Especially if said kitsune goes “Oh, so that’s what happened to the little one. What’s he like?”

        “He’s trouble.”

        “He’s a kitsune hanyou. Of course, he’s trouble.”

        “Kenshin is worse . . . . You don’t have to look so proud about that!”

        “Why not?”

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