Post-NaNo Update: Fireworks

And here I was hoping people would save the crackabooms until New Year’s. Silly me.

I admit to being a twitchy person, especially since the evening news brings lots of gloom, doom, and otherwise. So… hearing something go “pow!” nearby is kind of hard on the nerves.

But nothing’s cracked or popped for a while, so trying to get back into the flow. Which is a fight scene. Oh, joy….

*Wry G* It’s better than politics or a Confrontation Scene, I know it is. But it’s still hard. Stuff moving through 3-D space, juggling who’s doing what, who’s trying to do what, and how bodies crash into each other.

Deep breaths. Tackle it one blow at a time. Here goes….


11 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Fireworks

  1. I sympathize. I had one of those roman candle things backfire on me, singed my palm a bit, when I was… about 7-8 yrs old. Between that and our very dry, very fire-prone summers…I stick to sparklers.


  2. And here I was hoping people would save the crackabooms until New Year’s.

    Unfortunately, crackabooms have some things that appeal to a lot of people – namely explosions, bright colors, fire, and making a lot of noise . . . and many of those people will take any excuse to indulge themselves. Holiday. Upcoming Holiday. Tuesday.

    But they do make it difficult to concentrate. especially if loud noise twangs your nerves and makes you anxious. They have been known to have that effect on me . . . and especially if they are close enough and loud enough, they also have that effect on the cats and the dog.


  3. In my area fireworks are highly illegal, so if they go off near my house then you know someone’s up to no good. It tends to make me very twitcy and mad since it terrifies my dog. The official shows in Coney Island are cool though. They’re right over the beach and the fire department oversees everything.

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  4. Eh, I don’t have a personal issue with fireworks, but I really think they should be restricted to people that actually know what they’re doing. When I was in high school I went to a party where there were fireworks and I was shocked at how carelessly my friends were handling them. No one blew any important bits off or burnt my friend’s house down, but who stands a foot away from something that shoots explosives in the air while it’s firing?!?!? Honestly, it’s surprising fireworks don’t cause *more* fires and injuries than they actually do…


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