Post-NaNo Update: Booms

When in doubt about part of a final battle, throw in stuff blowing up. Or catching on fire. It works for Hollywood.

I’m actually half serious here. *G* At least as serious as throwing in random ninja attacks in NaNoWriMo. It’s the finale! Go big! Go bold! Wreck half the city! Show off awesome power!

…And if need be, edit out the stuff that doesn’t fit later. Because the critical part about writing final battle scenes is getting the dratted things to move in the first place. Opening bits of NaNo, 1700 words a day, yeah boss. Final battle scenes? Argh. Like trying to write when you’re dragging lead weights through mud. A hundred words here. A hundred-fifty there. Much tearing of hair out.

At the moment I’m getting places by trying to work backwards – roughing out what the end should look like, so that hopefully it’ll be easier to picture what led up to it.

Church may never forgive me for what happened to her nifty toy. It died well, at least?

NASA may not be amused either….


12 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Booms

  1. I am dying to find out what the thing is that Church considers a nifty toy! Fire. More fire is always good (from a distance…)


    1. *Giggles evilly*

      I, er, don’t want to give that one away quite yet. Let’s just say I came up with a horrible Trope pun.

      …And it turned out to not only be doable, but Awesome.

      (My beta readers cackled. And may have egged me on with improvements.)

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  2. But… but… but… Nifty Toy! *pouts*
    Well, so long as it gets an Awesome send-off.

    Is is a lightsaber? Because every techno-fantasy hero(ine) deserves a lightsaber. 😉


    1. Speaking of Rogue One, I just came back from that movie and basically immediately thought of Change of Fate and Old Republic Online. I’m sure you get tons and tons of questions like this but I can’t resist asking just the once – any chance of a sequel to that work? It was amazing :P.


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