Free Plotbunny: Nura with Logic

*Facepalm* And I don’t even plan to do anything in the Nura fandom….

Long story short, part of the Drama in the anime and manga of Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan is who Rikuo will pick as his romantic interest, given he’s 1/4 youkai and the rest of the Night Parade is justifiably nervous that even more human blood in his line would be… problematic as far as a leader’s strength goes.

Annoyed Bunnies: “Isn’t it part of the universe canon that people can become youkai? So what’s the problem? Kana got over most of being scared of youkai after the cursed mirror was killed, and she does like Rikuo. Offer her the option!”

…I have no excuse. None. Maybe a reason, in that I found some very pretty youkai pics by Evil-usagi on DeviantArt. And that I’m poking a different origfic idea for later. But no excuse. πŸ˜‰

Anyone want to adopt this bunny? Free to good home!



29 thoughts on “Free Plotbunny: Nura with Logic

    1. Never said it’d be free. Just that canon allows such things to happen, so why hasn’t somebody thought of that? Given at least some of the characters are youkai who are, shall we say, not very concerned about a high human kill count… πŸ˜‰


      1. Rikuo would probably oppose it if Kana doesn’t agree to it, and Kana, at a guess, would not readily agree to something that requires a lot of deaths.

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      2. That couldn’t possibly go wrong. No, never.

        Of course, worse-case scenario would require a different sort of personality than she has, but if there were ever a reason for a psychotic break…

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  1. Yeah, but are acquired youkai qualities heritable?

    I know very little about Nura’s setting assumptions, and would have trouble with crossoveritis anyway.


      1. The manga is out in English, I guess I’ll see what the public library has next time.

        I’ve long thought that the Youkai night march has parallels with the wild hunt, and Zub’s Wayward makes an argument for Nurarihyon as a usurper. The gears seem to have started turning, but my plotting and project management do not make success likely. (Yet I can only improve by trying.)

        More than enough idea here for everyone.

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  2. If wiki is correct, Rikuo potentially can’t have children with a youkai.

    A character cursed his grandfather. Because of this curse, his father couldn’t have children with his father’s youkai first wife. If the curse has not been lifted, it would need to be.

    But youkaikuza and onmyou…

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  3. Of course, who’s to say that some enterprising youkai doesn’t jump the gun and decide to turn Kana into a youkai before she agrees? They could be thinking that they were during the Nura a favor by setting up the transformation for them. That could also account for the strong feelings needed for the transformation; I don’t think it necessarily has to be a dark emotion, just a strong one for the conversion to take place. *Is newbie to Nura canon*

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  4. Doesn’t canon establish that in order to become a youkai someone has to be so mad at the world that they genuinely want to just go “@!&$ it” and basically just kill everyone? Or at least everyone who comes within range. The youkai that used to be human in canon literally had sense beaten into him by the main character, but it’s implied that it took at least a couple centuries for him to get to the point to be ready to calm down. Don’t know if there are other ways to do it, that’s just the one I remember.

    My point being, I can’t really see Kana having the kind of personality switch that would lead to her transformation. Or at least not without the kind of extreme circumstances that would render said transformation moot. Even if she did, I can’t see Rikuo caring about her in the same way after such a transformation as he did before. Assuming he is still alive to do so (see previous comment regarding extreme circumstances).

    Now, if Rikuo were the one becoming (fully) youkai… Well, it’s still a stretch. But more likely than Kana in my mind.

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  5. I don’t think I blame the in-u folk for not considering this, because it seems like humans become youkai through experiencing horrible trauma β€” killing a ton of people or nearly dying or…both at the same time. Presumably trying to induce such conditions there’s a big chance the subject just…dies. Unless I’ve forgotten a later development that introduces a way that’s less risky and horrible. I faintly remember something about immortal onmyoujis.

    Would still read the hell out of some youkai-turned Kana AU. Just, if it was because of a clanmember they’d probably go the way of Gyagoze. (And maybe generously distribute therapy to characters hahaha this is a shōnen who am I kidding.)

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      1. WELL. I mean, did anything horrible necessarily happen to Kejourou? It kind of feels like she just refused to give up her man when Kubinashi became a youkai. What I’m saying is, what if you can shed your mortal state by tapping into an extremity of emotion, only that emotion is exclusively stubbornness. πŸ˜„

        Or true love but whatever. Stubborn is more relatable.

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      2. So far as I know, we don’t know that anything horrible happened to her – though she did offer her life for Kubinashi’s when Rihan beat him. Not sure if canon says she was human at that point or not!

        Stubbornness doing it would be oddly endearing. And amusing. πŸ™‚

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    1. Question: If killing lots of people makes you a youkai, shouldn’t certain historical figures have become youkai? Blokhin for one. Or are most of that sort too psychologically abnormal for it to count?

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      1. I headcanon that there are other factors. It doesn’t especially matter whether they’re mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, or up to chance. Anything keeping it rare or just not a sure thing makes it work.

        And hey, maybe some of those figures are youkai. ;D

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    1. It definitely works for Rikuo transforming, he just can’t stay that way more than 6 hours, supposedly….

      Given Aotabo’s canon backstory (transforming because he killed a group of villains torturing children), that could well work for full youkai transformation as well.

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