Through the Cracks Ch6 bit – Interruptions

Blindly, Kaoru reached out and grabbed. Hair. Hair’s good. “Don’t you… dare go… anywhere….”

:Aha!: A silvery chime of hooves outside. :There you- oh. Er. Oops….:


Kaoru felt that growl, shivering through her collarbone. Blinked. Drew in a shaky breath. What- what am I doing….

Clawed fingers released her.


“You are not sure.” Red bangs shadowed his gaze, hid his face as he turned away. “One would never… force any who were not sure.” He held his breath. Let it out slowly, stepping back to catch the breeze from the entrance.

So he doesn’t catch my scent….

Sunlight glinted off claws as Kenshin flexed his fingers. Slowly – deliberately – cracked his knuckles. “Sanosuke?”

:Um-: Embarrassment colored the Companion’s mind-voice. :I can see this is a really bad time, and I-:

“One would suggest you run.”

“This is… this is just….” Eldan walked back and forth along the torn-up turf of Sanosuke’s mad dash, shaking his head as he tried to pick out the faint traces of one particular hitokiri hot on the fleeing Companion’s trail. “I think the gardeners are in shock.”

:I think the gardeners aren’t the only ones,: Sayvel put in privately.

:Nope,: Kerowyn thought wryly. She rose from her haunches, convinced she’d gotten all she was going to out of following this particular trail. “Explains where the Yamato get legends of flying youkai.”

“Kero- how can you-” Eldan waved his hands. “He chased down a Companion!

“I seem to recall you did a lot more than run down and thwack one particular noble over the head when he interrupted some of our time off,” Kerowyn chuckled. “Gods, poor Kaoru. Did you see her when we handed Yahiko over? If she were any redder I’d swear she’d been dunked in the Vale’s hot spring and left to boil.”


18 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch6 bit – Interruptions

  1. Kero has a point. Most people would react that way . . . and if Kaoru wasn’t trying to spontaneously combust, I think Sano would be trying to dodge a close encounter with the bokken kind . . .

    Besides it’s not like Kenshin is going to actually harm Sano. Not for that as annoying as it was. And it could be worse – he could be forced to eat Kaoru’s cooking.

    Sano has such terrible timing.

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    1. Be amusing if the youkai in question’s only reaction was to wonder aloud why the already too noisy humans were being even noisier . . .

      Depending on the youkai, they might range from mildly bemused (“Why are they being so loud, haven’t they seen a flying youkai before?”) to annoyed (“Silence!”) . . .

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    2. >*Halo*>
      And for the next trick we have a young enterprising Taiyoukai who settled his court in the middle of the Pelagirs Forest (“Feels just like home”) deciding to drop by Haven to see if this foreign Queen is actually worthy of respect.

      Of course he’s going to have to do the full formal appearance to give the proper impression, Can’t have Selenay thinking he’s just a back-woods brute after all. So the floating castle descending out of the storm clouds, flying dragon mounts ala A-Un in formation with his court present in full armor and splendor, his youki unleashed to truly show his power and right to claim his title (terrifying over half the city)……

      You know, the basics.

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      1. Thank you for the belly laugh. I so hope that happens some time, some where. The chaos would be *AWESOME* Especially if said Taiyoukai went “..Oro? It’s just a little visit of state…”

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      2. Dear goodness, I can see it. I’m going to be snickering all day now, thanks to that. And oh, Kerowyn, you’d think you’d know better by now. Never underestimate a youkai.

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      3. And the Youkai would be looking at the Valdemarians like they’ve taken a few too many blows to the head if they try to explain how diplomatic introductions should go.

        Appearing humble and non-threatening before a new neighbor? Not demonstrating your power and threat level even if you come in peace?

        What kind of madness are you trying to peddle here?

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