Post-NaNo Update: Setting Up Destruction

On the home front, roofers have hopefully fixed the leak. When asked, the guy fixing said, “Well, I would have put more sealant there before, but I didn’t want to catch your house on fire.”

…Okay then. Does this mean I get a pass for writing in Destructive Saviors in my fic? Because seriously…. *Wry G*

I’m not sure if it was getting that dealt with or just the reminders of possible pyrotechnics that perked the bunnies up, but I did make progress on getting the masses of bad guys and good guys all headed to one calamitous crash. And I already have the end of said crash written.

Now I just need to chip more away at the middle, which in some cases has a very vague “and X bad guys show up and it doesn’t look good”. Oof.

But the big fight scenes all seem to go this way for me: one small step at a time.

How do other people find their fight scenes coming? 😉


9 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Setting Up Destruction

  1. Slowly . . .

    Because as much as my bunnies like to write out of order, they like having at least a rough idea of when everything is supposed to happen. Broad strokes like BIG EVENT happened in this year. Then they zoom in a little and get a rough outline of what happened in BIG EVENT and some idea of their sequence. Subjected to change as it is actually being written, of course.

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  2. I’ve never really done a fight scene before. I don’t know how.

    *Checks list of projects yammering at me.*

    Aw crud, I’m going to have to learn, aren’t I?

    At least the coup, civil war, and probable wars of conquest in the current highest priority WIP don’t require that I depict violence.


  3. thanks for the tip! Writing fight scenes has ALWAYS (yes, the sitch deserves caps) been my bugaboo. Why I tend to stick to fluff, humour and drama – problem is, my fanfic tends to be for action- heavy fandoms!

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  4. Well as for me, I finally got a fight scene I’ve been shoving down my to-do list since September finished and sensible (random abilities spontaneously sprouted by the robot the heroes are fighting: pared down to near zero! instances of teleporting of people and objects from one side of the clearing to the other: annihilated!)…buuut now I have to get all the talking after the fight into a natural-sounding order. *presses face into desk*


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