Through the Cracks Ch7 bit – Sunset

“You did it!” Yahiko pounced on the man currently dropping chopped vegetables into the evening’s soup, grinning. “I knew you could do it! Baka Guards….”

Maa, maa, Yahiko-kun.” Kenshin surreptitiously latched onto the boy enough to keep them both from pitching off the edge of the engawa into simmering fish stock. “They’re not so unskilled as you might think, that they are not. They are swordsmen, they can sense ki as much as any gaijin can, picking out threats from simple folk about their business. They are simply unprepared for one whose ki can appear harmless as anyone… carrying a bundle of laundry.” He felt his smile flicker as he looked past Yahiko’s teacher to the red-streaked sky. Soon. Very soon now. “Kaoru-dono. Megumi-dono. Welcome home.”

“We’re home,” Kaoru replied, a trace of pink in her cheeks before she glanced away. “Selenay says the Council’s going to be arguing all night, and she’d better let them, or they’ll never figure out hanyou are just as much people as gryphons. So Healer Gensai and the girls are staying at the Palace.”

“But someone else is not.” Kenshin blinked, sensing another familiar ki at the gate. “Sanosuke?”

:Yeah, well, hanyou’s out of the bag, right? I might as well get back to working with the Guard. Beats hanging out in Companion’s Field watching the next coat of whitewash dry on the stables.: Sano trotted inside, caught the rope tie Kaoru had installed for Megumi, and pulled the gate to. :Besides, Kaoru’s going to need a witness besides Megumi when she takes your testimony under Truth Spell, Chief Tostig’s going to be testifying in front of the Council half the night while the lords yell at Yamagata, and I figured you’d rather have somebody you know….: White ears came forward. Blue eyes studied the redhead. :Yeah, you’d better have someone you know. Or am I wrong?:

So Sano can sense it. Kenshin wasn’t surprised. Some of the stronger youkai could detect the shift before it happened; no doubt the guardian spirits of these lands could as well.


19 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch7 bit – Sunset

  1. Komarr where Miles is pondering how it can be be too much an invasion. Honestly, I try not to remember the Earth one, it’s too good at being horror.


      1. I actually occasionally read the book(I do that for most of Vorkosigan series, skipping Diplomatic Immunity), I just tend to skip the fast penta scenes, as it makes me wince in both sympathy and horror. Same way I skip the death scenes in Brothers in Arms.

        Duv is awesome in pretty much anything he’s in, starting with this book. (Though I think he’s amazing in Memory.)

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  2. If tonight is one of those nights, then yes, he does prefer someone he knows. Especially he knows he can trust. Kenshin doesn’t completely trust Sano – understandable given both the Companion thing and the they-haven’t-known-each-other-very-long thing – but he has some trust in him.

    And to be fair, Kenshin is still learning to trust all of them, not just Sano.

    But let’s just be honest, even if it wasn’t that time of the month, Kenshin would probably rather have someone he knew as witness while Kaoru did the Truth Spell than complete strangers. Or not-strangers that he knows better than to be vulnerable in front of. Because most of them are trying to be good and fair but . . . sometimes it is better for everyone not to tempt people.

    Or Murphy. Especially Murphy.

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    1. Definitely Murphy. Meep. Kenshin gets in enough trouble in Yamato on nights like that, and the locals are just starting to get used to “not quite human”. If on top of that they had to deal with “but human part of the time”, things might get even more dicey.

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      1. Yeah, probably should let them have a chance to get used to the general weirdness of youkai and hanyou before springing some of the specific weirdness on them.

        Because even the most reasonable people can get weirdness and information overload, and just want things to stop changing on them for a bit.

        Besides Selenay and the others are probably praying: “Please let me get the idiots to at least accept this surprise before giving them another one. Because they don’t get some space to adjust to this set of information before getting more, they are going to get even more rigid than they already are. And no one needs that.”

        And the idiots aren’t the only ones who need some time and space to wrap their heads around this revelation.

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