Through the Cracks Ch7 bit – Posse

Human, Sano thought, stunned, as Kenshin carefully outlined the events of that day and night, the vrondi’s light holding steady as he spoke. He feels… he is… human.

A human brightly Gifted with Fetching to Sanosuke’s senses, no matter how Kenshin tried to hide it.

That’s what I felt. That’s what Called me.

But how? I felt the Call for days! If he’s only a human for one night, and a hanyou the rest of the time….

A hanyou who’d acted very carefully human every minute he was in Pastun. He’d dealt with a dry-goods store for salt, a greengrocer for a nut spread and some of the tender sprouts wise people grew in glass jars to ward off winter ailments, and a baker for stale loaves. Like most Yamato, he’d found out on his own that bread was easier on the stomach than some other local foodstuffs.

“…And one needed that, Kaoru-dono, for one’s temper was – uncertain, that day, and one felt it would be wiser to spend the night away from strangers; that I did. But one stopped by a well to wash before leaving, and… I was tired, and it was cold, and for a moment my ki was less than innocent. And that is when I sensed a shock in a passerby’s ki, and knew my claws had been seen.” Kenshin shrugged wearily. “One can distract. One cannot create illusions, as onmitsu can. Once seen, remains seen. So sessha left. Quickly.” A corner of his mouth turned up. “Sessha did not go in a straight line… but it is likely one covered two hours’ ride by horseback before sunset. When sessha stopped, and made a hidden camp, and waited for dawn. Then – one napped a little, and set out once more. It took a few days to realize that sighting had drawn any more attention than the others. And then sessha was quite busy, eluding pursuit both by sword and by magic.”

“And you never stopped to ask why?” Kaoru gave him a skeptical look.

“They thought sessha a Changechild,” Kenshin shrugged. “One was less than interested in risking capture or confrontation to explain otherwise, that I was not.”


16 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch7 bit – Posse

  1. >“And you never stopped to ask why?” Kaoru gave him a skeptical look.>
    Kaoru, when a howling mob is chasing you with torches, pitchforks and other sundry implements of your dismemberment and death, one does not tend to stick around and try to calmly defuse the situation.

    Instead they have a tendency to flee and attempt to evade said howling mob that is intent on their death.

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      1. Let’s be fair, until she was staring the howling mob down face-to-face, even canon Kaoru is the type to try to stand her ground armed with nothing but her bokken and her own righteous indignation.

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  2. To be slightly fair, Heralds don’t have much experience with actual howling mobs. Amazingly enough, Valdemar does have a fairly robust working justice system that’s remarkably uncorrupted. And a lot of times, just showing up in uniform can defuse a situation. They don’t really get it’s different in other countries.

    But given she’s supposed to have been thinking of this for Gensai’s kids sake, she should be a bit more aware, yes.

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    1. >why he didn’t stick around for the local constabulary.>
      I get the sneaking suspicion that the Rethwellans are not going to take ‘I was fleeing from the bloodthirsty mob’ as an acceptable excuse.

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      1. >*Snrk* On its own, no. Backed up by the current legal authorities? We’ll see….>
        True but there is ‘accepting a verdict’ and then there is ‘being made to accept a verdict’.

        The situation seems to be leaning more towards the latter then the former.

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  3. If they suspected him to be a Changechild, Kaoru, then they probably weren’t planning to bother with questions. Because everyone knows that people and animals Changed like that are nothing but wild, evil beasts.

    You and some others might be willing to ask questions first but not everyone is.

    Especially when it is easier to blame the outsider, the obvious monster, than their neighbor whose evil deeds they have been looking the other way from for who knows how long.

    And Sano, as for how he was like that before . . . well, that’s an unhappy tale. So unhappy that it is probably going to take pulling teeth to get Kenshin to talk about it. Might help if you tell him your story first. Maybe.

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