Through the Cracks Ch 6 up on AO3

Through the Cracks chapter 6, “Unsheathing the Nails”, is up on Archive of Our Own.

Getting close to the end of all that’s solidly written in this story; I have a bit more with a certain Miburou or two, but that bit would probably fit better as the start to a second story in this AU given it implies all kinds of different hijinks and enemies.

And the Seeds of Blood rough draft is still currently kicking my butt. Though I’m getting closer.

So I’ll have to poke around and see what else I’ve got in near-finished state. Been working on another chapter of Sanzo vs. in fits and starts, for one…. 😉



17 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch 6 up on AO3

    1. They’re fine, they’re just a bit stuck. And I’m a bit worried about running up against “Where I’m stuck” before I have the energy to actually work on the stuck part.

      Depends. Do you think people would want to read those bits, knowing I might hit “And I haven’t finished this yet”?


      1. We were going to have deal with his back story at some point or another. And anything trying to resemble or parellel canon is going to feature gore (because you don’t get a name like the thousand slayer without some gore) – plus this is the Project Universe so no escaping the gore there – and sometimes the implied incest because both are in his canon backstory.

        The lovely manners should be interesting . . .

        Hakkai’s isn’t the only one with a backstory with more than thimbleful of gore and the like.

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  1. Moar Sanzo!! Hakkai isn’t bad either 😉 I really like the Project Universe. Just the thought of the Sanzo-ikkou one day meeting up with the Bleach shinigami sorta melts my brain. Epic levels of awesomeness and destruction. Maybe we can even get a Goku/Kenpatchi mashup.

    Other than the implied incest, the other Project stories are not lacking in gore. Also most people reading this site are familiar with both Hakkai’s and Goyjo’s back stories.

    As far as “Through the Cracks,” right now is not a *bad* place to break the story. You’ve left the “how does Valdemar deal with the hanyou” sort of up in the air, but it seems like the Crown is currently inclined to be welcoming. You’ve also left reactions to “we have a living legend walking among us” unresolved. Karou and Kenshin’s family are starting to coalesce around them, so that’s positive. I’m not sure exactly where you want to take this story. Civil war? War with the Eastern Empire? Some other threat? Karou is a herald. Kenshin does not get to put down his sword yet if he wants to keep her alive.

    Here’s hoping the RL drama tones down soon. Although it seems to be hanging on like a bad cough.

    I’ll read whatever you care to write.

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    1. Yeah, things are winding down now, so the readers may assume that the tensions are settled. If the trial is needed for the tension of the next part, one could throw it into question by asking if Onmitsu have a technique for defeating Truth Spell. It could be hard to prove they didn’t. (This case could be settled by sending some Heralds to the village, because the villager won’t have that ability.)

      On the other hand, there are deeper currents around Kurogasa that are not obviously safe. All depends on design intent, and I do not know what that is.

      I too look forward to Sanzo versus.


    2. Good, then I can probably end this installment of Cracks about where I thought, and save Saitou’s mess for later.

      Where I wanted to go with it… hmm. Basically, bunnies wanted to toss Elspeth at least (possibly Darkwind, wasn’t sure) and a bunch of our heroes at a certain nasty fire-user who’s got power in Kyoto. I had not sorted out all the details the last time, which is probably part of why it stalled. For instance, why Selenay would send her in the first place… although the way word gets to them makes it blatantly clear that yes, problems in Yamato can indeed give Valdemar a very bad day. And/or Selenay looks at the opportunity to give the Empire a distraction on the other side of the continent as potentially useful.

      As for Hakkai – *G* Let’s just say part of that installment that really amuses me is Hakuryuu/Jeep. Yes, I came up with a way to have a Jeep and dragon in an SF setting!

      …Hakuryuu is the AI-driven Jeep’s drone. *G*

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      1. And/or Selenay looks at the opportunity to give the Empire a distraction on the other side of the continent as potentially useful.

        Uproar in the west, strike in the east?

        The problems in Yamato would almost certainly give Valdemar a bad day eventually. Because somehow I don’t think certain people are going to certain Yamatoans getting away laying down.

        …Hakuryuu is the AI-driven Jeep’s drone. *G*

        Probably says something about my mentality that my first reaction to that is: D’awwww . . . .

        What? Hakuryuu is cute.

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  2. If you want visuals for BAD DRIVERS!!!+10 come to Maryland. I’ve lived here for 2 years,and I’m still astonished that I haven’t seen an accident from way-too-Close! New Jersey born&raised, so..


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