Waking to Another Sky – SG/SAO ficbit

A/N: SAO/SG-1 cross; I own neither Sword Art Online nor Stargate. Credit to Kryal for coming up with the “Stargate/DHD may download grammar and vocab to your head” idea. SAO and SG are both AU’d a bit to fit together better. Thanks to Catsy for bringing up latency on the SAO forums; it made things interesting.

“Wow.” Colonel Jack O’Neill peered out the SUV’s windshield as he parked, trying to look suitably impressed at the massive multistory hospital tucked into an odd corner of the Cheyenne Mountain base. Barely a speck of a building compared to a ha’tak, it was about as close as you could get to the SGC and still be off the main roads. Less than a mile, he’d bet, as the crow flew; so long as the crow could fly through solid rock. “Call Walter Reed. They want their rehab back.”

Which might have been the wrong thing to say, given how Dr. Janet Fraiser had just thumped her head on the passenger-side dashboard. But hey, even a mini-Napoleon needed somebody to throw sarcasm at.

“I know no one’s managed to frog-march you into anywhere with ‘veteran’, ‘rehab’, or ‘physical therapy’ in the title before, Colonel,” Janet grumbled, “but given what we have pieced together about the SAO technology, you and your team are going to accompany me into the Project Bluebook Rehabilitation Center whether you like it or not. Just in case any of you have seen, or heard of, or even stumbled across a rumor that might let us pick our way into Kayaba’s black box.” The redhead gave him a wry look. “And we stole it from the NID, not Walter Reed. They still call the general every month to ask for it back.”

See? Sarcasm.

Wait, what?

“The NID? Built a rehab center?” Jack said skeptically. “What were they on, and when can we turn it loose on the Goa’uld?”

Behind him, Sam cleared her throat. “Given the usual casualty rate they accept in Jaffa training, I doubt the Goa’uld would have any interest in the potential therapeutic applications of virtual reality environments, sir.”

Bracing against Janet’s seat, Daniel nudged up his glasses and rested his face against the window, probably so cool glass could calm down a road-sick stomach. “Of course, that’s not what the NID was really interested in, either.”

Sitting stoically between their two armed geeks, hat pulled over his First Prime mark, Teal’c gave Jack a raised brow. “I believe you were otherwise occupied when we took the facility a year ago. On involuntary leave.”

Translation, stuck on Edora for three months, thinking the Stargate was sealed forever. And that was a whole can of worms in itself. The way Laira had stood when he’d left, all but shouting that she hoped he’d left her pregnant… yeah. He hadn’t been in the best headspace for a while.

“It is unfortunate you missed the opportunity,” Teal’c mused, dark eyes obviously letting the past be past. “We were able to properly secure the exits and command center swiftly, so we had few casualties, and no fatalities. The majority of the personnel were unaware of the rogue NID in their midst. They were outraged when we explained, and they have been most trustworthy allies since.” A slight smile. “Janet Fraiser declared the exercise… stress reduction.”

“And you think the critters are cute,” Janet put in, almost grinning.


34 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky – SG/SAO ficbit

  1. This is should be interesting . . . in the Murphy sense of the word.

    Of course with all of these trouble magnets, it’d be difficult not to be.

    Through given that you have numerous kids and teenagers in SAO doing dangerous stuff, Jack is probably going to get a little difficult to live with.

    . . . They still call the general every month to ask for it back.”

    I bet he enjoys telling them no.

    “Of course, that’s not what the NID was really interested in, either.”

    Likely as not.

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  2. “They were outraged when we explained, and they have been most trustworthy allies since.”

    Does anyone else feel like Kirito, Asuna, and company assisted or preimpted SGC in staging the hostile takeover?

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    1. Not a lot of time-line info here but I think the ‘present’ is during the deathgame.

      They mention ‘Kayaba’s black box’ which is potentially the Nervegear/SAO system. Because it was uncrackable during SAO and I can see SGC see just how the heck Kayaba pulled that off.

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      1. …Kayaba thought it was funny. Ooo dear.

        He just keeps adding people to the list of those who would to demonstrate their “appreciation” for his sense of humor. They will appreciate all over him if given half a chance.

        Of course, who knows, maybe that is part of Kayaba’s end goal. Assuming he has a point to all of this beyond “Because I could” and “It amused me.”

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      2. >Yep, it ends up being important….>
        -digs through SAO ideas thread on SB-
        Right, that whole discussion of the solid limitations of information transfer based on the speed of light…O_O

        Oh bugger. Kayaba’s using quantum based computers and data transmission for the Nervegear and SAO systems. No wonder they can’t break it using conventional machines.

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  3. Second somewhat cracky thought about this cross and the characters that will be showing up. Specifically Yui or Mental Health Counseling Program 001. Otherwise known as one of the most adorable moe-blob AIs you’ll ever met.

    One of the common themes in Vathera’s SG1 fics is that MacKenzie isn’t a very good psychologist for this ‘unique’ posting and/or a NID plant, either of which tend to have him getting the boot.

    And here we have Yui, An entity that probably has every psychology book in existence uploaded into her brain, an innate desire to help people’s mental state that is the core of her very being, is very trustworthy (not much one can bribe her with aside from more time with Mama and Papa), and can probably read and comprehend all the rules and regulations of such a position in the SGC better then any human.

    Upside: the overall mental health of the SGC has taken a sharp upturn.

    Downside: Janet had to sedate Jack with the good stuff. He keeps blowing off his sessions with Yui and she keeps trying to contact him because such things are mandatory (it’s in the military rules and regulations etc). Her popping up on computer screens was understandable (she’s in the system can’t get her out), contacting him over his radio was a bit impressive, while the phone and email bombing of his home and at the SGC (for some reason his spam filter didn’t work *G*) could be considered a bit much.

    It was when she started ‘borrowing’ the SGC intercom system and hacking the lights to spell out ‘Colonel O’Neill, you need to come to your mandatory counseling session please’ that Jack loses it.

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    1. >*Snrk* Kirito needs to safely smuggle Yui out of certain systems, first. But… possible!>
      I see…..
      -Thinks back to skills gained by the players in ‘Change of Fate’ and hintd of how VR is used here-
      By any chance was Kayaba’s VRMMO somewhat more sci-fi based then in canon? *G*

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      1. >Oh, just a bit. *Halo*>
        Jack: So could you guys tell a poor old Colonel how you managed to hijack a entire Ha’tak? And if you could hand it over to Uncle Sam?
        Argo: Answer the first: Trade Secret sa. *G*
        Agil: Answer the second: No, but we might be willing to come to a rental arrangement. *EG*

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  4. And SG-1 meeting Kirito and the gang should be all kinds of fun. They need someone who understands the ‘fight or die’ mentality, especially Asuna and Kirito. If nothing else, it gives Asuna responsible adults to turn to after the Alfheim arc (assuming that goes as planned.) I can kinda see Jack disappearing to Japan for a bit to yell at her parents because *What The Hell* were they thinking?!
    ….Kirito will be in the background, cheering him on. Possibly with the rest of the SAO gang.

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      1. Well to be fair to the SAO gang, they have seen and experienced weirder than SG-1.

        Or they simply all out darns to give by that point, especially for people who might be strange but on the other hand aren’t trying to kill them.

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      2. >There are, of course, other problems… 😉>
        What, Kayaba redesigned the ‘tutorial stage’ of SGO (Stargate Online) so that in the full release* players have to go down into the Cheyenne Mountain Complex to escape through the Stargate while Goa’uld are invading the Earth?

        *The beta just plunked you down on an alien planet.

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      3. >(Also, think of the iconic image of SAO. Anything in the whole SG universe remind you of that? Yeah….)>
        Ha’tak or Ancient city ship but it depends on where Kayaba is getting his insider info from and at what point in the series they are. Edora (the episode “A Hundred Days”) is mentioned to have been about a year ago but the SG1 timeline is fuzzy (as far as I know) so say late season three to anywhere in four.

        If Kayaba is getting his info from the SGC then he’d only have Ha’tak designs to work from as I’m pretty sure Earth doesn’t know anything about city ships at this point, much less their layout.

        Of course if he’s getting his info from elsewhere, all bets are off.

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