Waking to Another Sky Ch1 bit – Diagnosis

“So, we’ve got aliens in NervGear, and humans in the same stuff… any chance some kind of feedback is what’s got them all stuck?”

“Technical experts believe any interaction between two entities in the system would be mediated by their electronic connection to the servers supporting Kayaba’s programs.” Teal’c was not a happy camper. “It is possible players were intended to encounter these creatures. With no knowledge of alien behaviors, such encounters would be dangerous to both sides.”

Janet frowned.

Jack glanced between them, and put on a Yoda voice. “Some hostility I sense in you.”

That won a smile from both sides. “Just a difference of opinion,” Janet admitted. “With two experts from different areas of expertise looking at the same data, it happens.”

Uh-huh. And whenever it happened with Sam and Daniel, things usually got messy. Blowing up planets messy. “So, lay it out for me.”

“Death rate,” Janet said quietly. “Teal’c and I went over the SAO players’ records once everyone was transferred and stable here. The highest death rate was in the first month. After that it tapered off in a fairly steep curve. There are two ways to explain that. Disease death rate, and attrition.”

Jack raised an eyebrow. Glanced at Teal’c. Who inclined his head to the doctor, yielding her the first argument.

“If it’s a disease death rate,” Janet obliged, “then it’s probably caused by the alterations Kayaba’s inflicting on them. The first few weeks would have wiped out everyone who couldn’t handle the alterations at all. After that… my best guess is, we have three groups of people.” One finger went up. “Some people are highly resistant to what Kayaba’s doing. He can thump on their systems all day; it just won’t take.” A second finger. “People who are highly adaptive. For some reason, their systems just click with the alterations, and the modifications go full speed ahead.” She clenched her fist. “Then we’ve got a bunch in the middle who could go either way. That’s where we see most of the deaths.”

“Okay,” Jack said thoughtfully. If anything about this was okay. “So what’s the attrition explanation?”

“The rate of deaths is not unlike that the SGC suffered in its first years of operation,” Teal’c stated. “Nor is it unlike that of a new human colony, planted by the Goa’uld on an unfamiliar world.”

Jack gave him a focused look. “They’re right here.”

“Their bodies remain on Earth,” Teal’c agreed. “We do not know where their minds may have ventured. Fear can kill.”


25 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch1 bit – Diagnosis

  1. And since we haven’t a look into the SAO side yet . . . it could very well be both.

    Particularly if Kayaba wasn’t just interested in a very hammer right between the eyes fashion way of getting people used to aliens, learning how to and how not to interact with unfamiliar aliens and unfamiliar landscapes, and get used to fighting forces that might be technologically, physically, or both superior to yourself . . .

    If he was interested in the ATA gene, maybe he was trying to activate that gene(s) in some new and interesting ways . . .

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      1. Oh dear, that’s ominous. Hm…exotic alien fauna and, presumably, the equipment needed to care for them (for a given definition of ‘care’). For some reason I want to ask: Has Kayaba perchance managed to chitchat with certain Little Grey Men? Am I warm at all? Or did I just decide to take up skinny dipping down at the Poles?

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      2. We already have information that strongly suggests he was working with the NID. If the Russians have their gate yet, they could be an alternate source for the alien fauna. (I think he probably wasn’t working with the Russians. I think including the Russians would’ve risked exposing things before he could get his hostages.) Hopefully not the Tok’ra. Probably too soon for Ba’al. Parallel timelines?

        Or since both series sorta have conspiracy flavor, start with DIA and go off on a long digression.

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  2. He’s giving them the ancient gene? Or is it just doing stuff to the nervous system?

    Canon, the explanation was attrition.

    I’m liking this very much in a number of ways.

    Has Sachi died yet? Because I have the impression they might get sprung before that happens.

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      1. And fiddling with someone’s nervous system is always risky. The brain and your nerves can be very delicate and fussy. It is possible that for some of the players that interaction with their nervous system caused mirco damage that eventually added up to crippling and/or fatal.

        And the brain requires a lot of fuel. And it really only likes glucose . . . mostly because everything else is too big to fit through the brain-blood barrier. The body can break down muscle, organs, and bone for fuel but in addition to damaging said organs, to break down that stuff until small enough molecules that the brain can use (and your brain has to switch from glucose to this molecule – which it doesn’t like doing) makes your blood acidic. This is bad. It’s very bad.

        I know they have the players hooked up to IVs and feeding tubes and all that jazz but there is a reason people can only survive on those for so long. And why their bodies aren’t in the best shape afterward. It’s not just the lack of movement that makes them feel weak as water.

        Just saying that Janet and other doctors have good reason to want the players out of the game sooner than rather than later.

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  3. My guess would be that while Kayaba knows about the Ancient gene he’s not inserting it into the players. What he is instead doing is using the Nervegear to ‘teach’ the players how to interact/activate this sort of technology on their own.

    After all, humans and ancients are originally from the same stock if I recall correctly. So unlike Kanzeon in River of Stars, maybe all Kayaba needs to do is tweak their nervous systems the right way.

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  4. *squeezing* I’ve been waiting for this since you mentioned it near NaNo, ha.

    It sounds so good! Ah, you write SG-1 so well…looking forward to this, whenever you post it!

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  5. Well, for a sec there I thought she was talking about both groups. Shows how my brain is wired. Because I thought Jackwas saying the players being stuck was because the aliens were in there with them.

    Kayaba is a genius, one flirting with the wrong side of the line with madness, but a genius.

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  6. Human host is mindless clone.(Ma’at is Strange System Lady)Argo is Jaffa& Asuna’s Prime/minder/Crazy Prepared frenemy.(current assignment: learn Earth’s thought patterns so Ma’at/Asuna don’t find an unexpected 50 kiloton gift from SGI)

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