Earring Tales: Irish Mist Diamonds

Okay, this pair came out much more as planned. I think.


Same design as the pink ones, but with blue-green 11/0 Delicas instead of 11/0 Toho beads. The pink ones ended up 3.5″ long, not counting earwires. These have the same number of beads, the exact same design – and yet they’re 2.75″ long.

Yep. Delicas are just barely 80% the size of Tohos. This isn’t a problem in a hanging drop, but using beads in any sort of complicated design? This can be a big problem.

…Or a small one. So to speak. 😉

Anyone who does a lot of beadwork probably knows that you go to Delicas specifically when you want very regular beads. They fit together like little glass bricks, and if you want people concentrating on the design rather than the materials, they’re the way to go. If you’re aiming for something with a lumpier handmade look, you might consider Tohos instead. For one thing, I’ve found some colors in Tohos I can’t yet find in Delicas.

The real trick, of course, is knowing your materials. If you’re going to do something where beads are going to be woven tightly together and you want to put a Toho right next to a Delica in the design… well, hopefully you have an idea how to finagle the size difference. If not – then things could get a little too interesting.

Side note – if you do want to mix Delicas with more odd-shaped beads, you might look into Preciosas instead. They run smaller than Tohos. But they’re also a bit more irregular. As in “sometimes bead is unusable” irregular, once in a while.



4 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Irish Mist Diamonds

  1. Pretty!

    Sharp contrast on the colors makes the pattern a little easier to see . . . not a complaint across the other ones . . . sometimes sharp contrast is what you want and sometimes it isn’t. 😉

    Sometimes smaller might be better too. Some people like smaller dangles on their dangle earrings. Plus sometimes bigger designs are too heavy for some ears. They probably don’t weight very much but sometimes with earrings, the difference between just right, okay, and too much in weight isn’t a lot.

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