Post-NaNo Update: Taking a few days off


I have a rough outline of how the dramatic battle in Seeds of Blood should go, including some of the gore and fumbles before it all pulls together.

And for now, I thud. Because – thanks to RL, Drama, and the Dread One Known as M – I’ve hit the end of my mental endurance for a while.

(The latest escapade of the Dread One involved a pot and a stove-knob, and will involve a repair guy tomorrow. Sigh.)

So I’m trying to give my brain a bit of a break by going through other things to pull together notes and outline on other not-yet-finished stuff. A rough “what needs to come next” on River of Stars, for one. Which will hopefully loosen up the wire-taut knots in my nerves when it comes to getting the last bits of Seeds right.

BTW, in case anyone finds it amusing – yes, I do plan for Hakkai to learn to drive in River. I suspect this may be terrifying to some people. Maybe most people.

…Though he kind of has to. No one’s trusting Goku at the wheel, and Gojyo and Sanzo are having problems in that they already knew how to drive.

Which means, under stress, they tend to stomp on the pedals with the same level of force they remember using prior to their various escapades on Shangri-La. With… predictable results.

(And yes, Hakkai will get a Jeep. *G*)


28 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Taking a few days off

    1. *G* Gojyo can uproot small trees. This is fun. But it does have consequences. And Sanzo… may possibly be banned from pushing buttons. Any buttons. That touch any part of the vehicle’s electrical system. Because cranky priest equals cranky energy fluxes.

      …Might be why Hakkai goes for the old Jeep, at that….

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    1. Now, now; Hakkai’s much more likely to simply fry someone with a chi-blast. Or slit their throat. Viscera-grabbing is a desperate measure usually reserved for mortal enemies who’ve reanimated their own corpses as shikigami.

      Besides. If he’s driving, he gets to swerve when Gojyo and Goku get too loud. It gets their attention. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. Viscera-grabbing is a desperate measure usually reserved for mortal enemies whoโ€™ve reanimated their own corpses as shikigami.

        Which I wouldn’t put past some of their enemies . . .

        If heโ€™s driving, he gets to swerve when Gojyo and Goku get too loud.

        Not to mention creatively applying the breaks.

        I’m sure he’ll find many, many more.

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  1. I hope the Dread One sets its chaos-laden eyes on someone else for a bit. Sounds like you could use a break.

    Re: Hakkai and the Jeep

    Well, he doesn’t seem quite right without the Jeep so had to get in there somehow . . .

    I second not trusting Goku behind the wheel. He’s a good kid but somewhat easy to distract. Not exactly what you want in a driver. Plus I think both Sanzo and Gojyo would point blank refuse to get in a car driven by Goku. Maybe when he’s a bit more grown, he have the concentration for it but now . . . nope.

    And it is probably good for everything to give Hakkai something to do. Something that keeps his hands and feet busy. And at first, he’ll have to concentrate more on driving than mayhem. But Hakkai’s pretty smart (despite being one of the three idiots) so with practice, he likely be able to drive AND plan mayhem before too long.

    Withโ€ฆ predictable results.

    Yeah. Not good. Especially in situations where they would be that stressed.

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    1. Could definitely use a break, thanks. Hoping Pensacon will at least give me an excuse to change up what I’m doing for a few days. I have bookmarks to hand out!

      By the time they get to driving Jack will be shuddering as he seconds the whole “do not let Goku drive” bit. Because he’ll have seen Goku… very distracted, shall we say?

      (There were survivors. Heh.)

      I think Hakkai will find driving fun! Which of course means they need to find more trouble on Earth to drive into…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. Goku is probably going to pout about it. He doesn’t know why everyone is so adamant. Okay, so he made a few mistakes. So does everyone. And everyone is going to be fine. Their injuries weren’t even that bad – after all, they weren’t dying.

        The pouting doesn’t last too long. One, because Goku is Goku. He doesn’t do long-term sulks generally speaking. Two, Sanzo kept tossing food at him whenever it looked like it was starting and it was good food. Things like peaches. Jack had never seen someone eat so many peaches.

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  2. *Hugs* Peace, rest, and lots of chocolate!

    Re: driving: I have a sudden mental image of Hakkai “forgetting” which pedal is which, just to screw with people. Probably Jack.

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  3. Wow. Sanzo driving a Jeep. Gojyo driving a Jeep. Hakkai driving a Jeep. Gives a whole new nuclear dimension to “road rage” doesn’t it? Or “pedal to the metal” as in “What do you mean you just punched that pedal through the *floor* of the Jeep?”

    I’m not even going to imagine what the great and dreaded M visited upon you this time. I have no desire to attract His attention any more than I do.

    Stay well and get some rest. I’ll be here when you return.

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    1. Jack will never drive with them. Ever. Again. How Hakkai passed the driving test, he has no clue. At all. At least, that he wants to think about.
      (Hakkai smiled a lot.)
      Hakkai and Sanzo, after Jack’s out of sight: High-five.
      Gojyo: …You did that on purpose?
      Goku: Cool! Now we can go anywhere we want without ’em!
      Sanzo: Exactly.
      Janet will likely figure it out, but say nothing. Because seriously, they need some time off….

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  4. Oh, oh, oh, ROFLMAO ! I just realized driving that Jeep means on *Earth?* In rush hour traffic? With Jack as a passenger? Oh, oh, oh. My brain, she melts! I think I’ll be laughing for most of the night.

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