Waking to Another Sky Ch1 bit – Stu Reactions

A/N: Language warning. Because Kayaba.

“Kayaba, you bastard!”

Hands shaking, Klein yanked the NervGear off his head, blinking away tears. “Damn you! And the dragon you rode in on, and your fucking God-Mod Stu, you son of a- ow….”

Worst. Head rush. Ever.

Groaning, the redhead cradled his forehead in his hands as the room seemed to spin around him. If it was a room. White, and steel, and lit by glowing bars of light on the ceiling; like nothing he’d ever seen on Aincrad, casting weird fuzzy glows around heads and hair….

No cursors. Nobody’s got a cursor, what the

Black hair and chestnut, a few yards away. Pressed together like nothing else existed in the world.

No way. Klein rubbed his eyes, crumbling away tear-sand. Asuna and Kirito. When they’d… everyone had seen that bastard Kayaba…. “Am I dreaming?”

“If we’re dreaming,” a dark hand pulled off another NervGear, “then why am I looking at your ugly mug?”

Klein smirked at Agil. Those few sprouts of dark hair definitely didn’t suit him. “You’re just jealous of my-” His fingers felt his chin. His shaved chin. “My manly stubble! Augh!”

That drew laughs, if small and shaky ones, as other familiar faces started sitting up and pulling off the damn helmets.

Good, Klein thought, swinging his feet over to touch the floor. Bare feet. On tiles. Brrr. We need laughs. A lot of ‘em.

Though right now, he’d settle for just a touch. Fingers on real skin, to make sure this wasn’t some trick of a nightmare, that Kirito and Asuna were alive and real

My HyperSense is tingling.

Intuition, Outside System Skill – call it what you wanted, Klein had caught too many things stalking him to doubt he had it. He knew when someone was watching with possible intent to maim.

This was that same weird prickling alertness. Multiplied by a hundred.

We’re out of the game. Now what?

“Okay.” The words were a little odd, like listening through water. “Anybody know what they’re saying? Daniel?”

“Um.” A very thoughtful um. “Huh. Some of the words sound Abydonian, but the grammar’s just wrong, and the way they’re putting the emphasis on syllables is… was that a verb? If it is, why did they end it that way….”

“…And we’ve lost Danny to linguistics heaven,” the first guy said wryly. “Carter? What have you got?”


26 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch1 bit – Stu Reactions

  1. Profanity is probably the least Kayaba deserves.

    Yes, he had a point and some noble goals behind his actions but his actions still sucked. Still caused a lot of people to die. It is one thing for that to happen for people who were made aware of the risks up front. It’s quite another to blindside people.

    Yes, even when you explain the risks, just how dangerous something is doesn’t fully compute sometimes until one of those aforementioned risks becomes lethal . . .

    He knew when someone was watching with possible intent to maim.

    They are just being cautious. Kinda of like you would be upon meeting unfamiliar players . . . or probably anyone else now.

    Unless the crowd of eyes contains one or more of the usual annoyances, they would really rather not hurt you.

    “Anybody know what they’re saying? Daniel?”

    I wonder if the players were even aware they weren’t speaking Japanese . . .

    Through it is interesting that Klein can still understand SG-1.

    “…And we’ve lost Danny to linguistics heaven,”

    It’s a shinny new bit of language he can study, compare, analysis, of course you lost him to linguistic section of nerd heaven.

    And depending on what happens next, you might lose Carter to another section of nerd heaven.

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      1. Another thought about things getting complicated . . .

        Do you think Jack sometimes wishes it was like in those movies? The one where the bad guys are clear and unambiguously evil, the solution is for the protagonist and his/her ragtag bunch of misfits to do big damn heroes and shoot the bad guys, and the day is saved with no politics (or worse, politicians) mucking everything up?

        Not saying it would be better, just that it would be easier. And sometimes, you are tired and angry and just want usually complicated things to be easy and simple. And they very seldom are.

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      2. Oh, I’m sure he does. Don’t we all?

        And not being able to lay your hands on the guy actually responsible for the mess makes people very, very cranky.

        Not to mention the mistake in translation that’s got the Japanese government a bit annoyed…

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      1. >Nope, they’re all currently in the same room. He can see them, after all. 😉>
        Ah, missed that bit at the end with ‘the first guy said wryly’. Didn’t see any indication previously in the narrative that SG1 was present.

        Guess that will show up in the complete work.

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      1. Hospital “ward” is the word for that big room with lots of people in it. You usually only see it in emergency rooms and admissions, these days, but some of us oldsters remember…. creeeaking bones yell, “Get off my lawn!”

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  2. Forgot to mention that, living near a base where lots of secret stuff happens and your neighbors can’t talk about what they do, the default is not to be very interested. You might watch and draw conclusions, and some things might be an open secret, but you still don’t get too curious or talkative.

    My high school had a secret plane crash in the parking lot, right next to the cafeteria. Every aviation buff in town knew it was not the model that the USAF said had crashed, and the Air Force knew everybody knew, but there was no reason to bring it up. It happened before I was born, and nobody forgot about it, but it just was not necessary to talk about it much.

    So yeah, something weird happens, even something natural, and there is a tendency to nod sagely and say something must be going on out at the base.

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    1. Live near Eglin AFB, you get used to booms – to the point when people did start calling about a particular boom, everyone knew something odd was up.

      Much later they admitted they’d been testing the MOAB. (GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast)

      …That’s a big boom.

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      1. Air Force and Booms dropped this into my head. Do with it what you will . . .

        Some in the future of the ‘Around Verse

        Used to booms around Air Force bases. The usual booms. This was not usual. The residents didn’t know what it was just, just that it wasn’t normal.

        The Air Force was not quite as clueless. After all some of their personal had actually seen what happened. But they were confused. Because the reports and evidence didn’t make any sense. The CO quickly determined that whatever caused this, it was above his pay grade and moved it up the line.


        “What do you mean you destroyed an Air Force base!?”

        “We didn’t destroy it! Just made a mess.”

        “A big mess.”

        “Not helping.”

        “On the positive side, we’ll all alive. And we made some new friends!”

        “Is that a Metal Vessel?”

        “Er . . .”

        “I thought the plan was to take down the Dungeons, not conquer them!”

        “The plan went awry . . .”


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  3. Cover stories…

    JSDF going to school at the base or doing joint projects, as foreign officers often do. They bring family and kids.

    Japanese company moves to Colorado Springs or opens subsidiary. Lots of Japanese families moving into new corporate owned subdivision.

    New boarding school opens with lots of furrin kids getting a US education.

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    1. Japanese company moves to Colorado Springs or opens subsidiary. Lots of Japanese families moving into new corporate owned subdivision.

      I don’t think that one would fly when you’re talking about 6000 people, and no promise of employment for locals. Fifty or a hundred people, sure, but not six thousand.

      The JSDF and boarding schools ones would go over much better.

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      1. >🙂>
        So presumably SGC and the other government groups involved in this mess have some sort of plan for the awakening sleepers and hopefully their families.

        But in order to either hide or reintegrate over 6,000 people into society (with all the modifications done to them) it would have to be a cunning plan. In fact it would have to be a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel.

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      2. >And they still don’t know how much they’re going to have to cover up!>
        Somehow I suspect Hammond is going to be reaching for the ulcer medication when he finds out just how much the sleepers know about the Stargate, the SGC and the greater galaxy as a whole.

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